Introduce the Williams family and provide a brief case conceptualization

Introduce the Williams family and provide a brief case conceptualization

EDCO 705

Case Treatment Strategy Paper Instructions

Your assignment is to develop a treatment strategy for the Williams family bases on the case study provided. This paper should not be a treatment plan with DSM diagnoses. Neither should it be a verbatim report of a counseling session. Rather, this paper must articulate a plan of intervention for the family that uses a community counseling approach. Imagine that you are the community counselor, that you have conducted two counseling sessions, and now you want to develop a cohesive treatment strategy for the entire family (Jeff, Sandy, Jacob and Leo). Your job is to provide a plan of action that will assist them in moving toward healing and recovery. The community counseling model will serve you well and enable you to assist the family with the multiple issues that you will see in the case. You need to hypothesize and critically assess what is going on within the family. Consider the following questions when planning your paper:


· Based upon what you are able to deduct from the case study and assessment of issues that may have gone unsaid, where would you–as the community mental health counselor–begin?

· What are the various, obvious, or hidden issues that you believe this family experience?

· What are the best practices for addressing their needs and issues?

· What services might you be able to provide?

· What additional services would you need to find for the family?


Your paper must be 10-12 pages (not including title page, abstract, or reference page; however, these are required as well). You must use current APA style (write in third person) and integrate references to at least 10 recent scholarly sources. Ideally, include both June & Black and Scott & Wolfe in a meaningful way. You must also use scholarly journal articles to support your assessment and various treatment recommendations. Include the following content, using appropriate headings:


1. Introduce the Williams family and provide a brief case conceptualization.

2. Describe the services that you/your community counseling agency will provide.

3. Identify services that you feel could be better provided by other agencies or organizations. These need to be actual services that are offered in your community. You need to disclose the organization, its location, the cost involved, the criteria needed for referral/approval, and contact information. If some of the needed services are not available in your local community, you have to find the closest ones that the family may, realistically, use.


The Case Treatment Strategy Paper is due 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 5.


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