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Topic: International Business Assignment
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Assignment for Subject: International Business
Project Guidelines:
1. The project is about Australian Automobile Company GM Holden aiming for Investing (FDI) in same industry in India.
2. The aim of the report is to analyze the present country and industry risk/situation to assess why Holden should move their manufacturing in India as proposed destination for foreign direct investment.
3. Start with an executive summary, introduction of GM Holden, history, performance and risk involved in carrying on business in Australia.
4. Brief introduction on the prospects, scope, and industry opportunity of the investment in India. Value Chain Analysis can be done to analyze the scope of investment (Michael Porter’s Value Chain).
5. PESTLIED or PEST analysis and summary findings with respect to the country and industry risk assessment of automobiles industry in India. Also explain competitive advantages India’s automobile sector offers along with competitors & profitability analysis. For example, cheap labor, strong automobile infrastructure, government support, tax deductions, emerging market with high demands, etc
6. Risk Management considerations. Approaches to minimize perceived risks. Here we need to analyze how to overcome the disadvantages that we have identified above in PEST analysis.
7. Selected FDI mode is Greenfield. Explain Greenfield mode of investment and explain why it is the chosen strategy to enter in Indian automobile sector. Explain its benefits, scope, advantage as well as costs/risks. Cost vs benefit can be done for instance.
8. Conclusion. Mentioning the investment is reasonable.
Additional Guidelines:
• undertake an analysis of international business through the lens of a country risk assessment for chosen country (India), industry (Automobile) and scope of opportunity for the investor.
• The subject of the case study is a country risk assessment. Writer should imagine that they are considering the viability of making a direct investment in a project located in a particular sector of the relevant country.
• The analysis of the case study is to be submitted as an Executive Report. The report must be appropriately referenced and structured with a table of contents, sections and subsections.
• All work must be referenced under the Harvard referencing system and include a list of 20 references.
• Defines concepts; identifies/highlights debates/polemics; identifies distinctive contributions/limitations of different authors.
• Application of theories/concepts to critical analysis and evaluation of the statement in the assessment question.
• Structure and organization is logical, leading to construction of a clear argument.

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