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Population Health Tools Consumers going to the Internet first for health care information and advice is a double-edged sword. In our example, looking up the identification and treatment of head lice would seem to be prudent; however, attempting to diagnose other health conditions can lead to misdiagnosis and delay in treatment. Nurses need to be aware of and informed about the sources of health information available to consumers. Patients can benefit greatly from leveraging the information available. We can connect patients with support groups, culturally specific education materials, research studies, and smartphone applications. Another area of health promotion that has been growing rapidly is the area of wearable monitoring devices. Today, watches and smartphones can track and monitor heart rate and rhythm, body temperature, daily activity, sleep patterns, and pulse oximetry. There are even scales that will send a

weight directly to the The amount of patient-gathered clinical data will only continue to grow as technology expands. The nurse will now need to educate the patient on the proper monitoring and collection techniques and how and when to report self-collected data. Population health management is enhanced by the technology and data available to the clinicians skilled in data analysis, but by utilizing the data and technology available from multiple sources, we will have healthier communities.

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