IHP-450 Proposal Outline Template

IHP-450 Proposal Outline Template

You may use this Proposal Outline template to help you with structuring Part One of your Milestone Two submission.


A. Options: (Identify the options available for each item in your budget proposal) a) Option 1: b) Option 2: c) Option 3:

B. Financial Research (Describe the cost benefit of each option based on relevant information and

research) a) Cost Benefit for Option 1 b) Cost Benefit for Option 2 c) Cost Benefit for Option 3

C. Organizational Resources (Choose one of the options above and discuss what resources would

be needed to implement that option) a) Resources needed for Option __

D. Communication (Discuss communication methods for the option discussed in section 3 above,

and be sure to justify the appropriateness of your chosen methods and suggestions) a) Discuss what method of communication would be used to notify departments across the

organization b) Discuss what methods would be used throughout proposal implementations

Once you complete your outline (Part One) above, you will create your budget (Part Two) and discuss the following elements below:


A. Statements (What statements were utilized for formulating your proposal and why? Select the appropriate statements for analysis and defend your choices.)

B. Expenses (What major expenses are associated with your proposal items?) C. Budgetary Accounts (What budgetary accounts (i.e., salaries) are impacted and in what way?) D. Reasoning (Based on the previous year’s budget data, why did you select these budget items for

adjustment over other options?) E. Ratios (Research the various ratio options (including ROI) used for reviewing financial

statements. Determine what ratios you will use for your proposal items and explain why.) F. Ratio Calculations (Using budget statements, formulate calculations that support each

recommendation.) G. Projected Departmental Budget (This element is to be submitted in a separate Excel


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