I am looking for at least three pages in length/depth for your overall work (750 words). —————————— Either develop your own promotional campaign for the project or discuss an exist

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I am looking for at least three pages in length/depth for your overall work (750 words).


Either develop your own promotional campaign for the project or discuss an existing campaign in detail that meets the following criteria. Please do not use an example from the Discussion section of the course.

1) Choose a product or service that your campaign will be for. Pick something that interests you and come up with a slogan.  Without a slogan, you do not have a campaign.  Your slogan should be the title of your paper.

2) If the product already exists, you will need to include information as to how your campaign is different than any existing campaign.  Do this by researching how the company currently promotes their products.  Include the full URL’s with the information that you find by citing your sources in your bibliography and citing them in the body of your paper, like this .

If the product/service is brand new because this is an idea for your own business, you should provide a little background of your idea and explain the need for your product/service.

3) A successful campaign should have a “big idea,” be executed using integrated marketing communications (IMC), and involve the consumer as a participant.

A “big idea” is a container that holds everything in place. There are essentially four “big ideas:” (1) A contest, (2) staging an event, (3) “doing good” – having a cause, or (4) telling stories (where the stories involve the customers of the product/service).  A big idea can include more than one of these four points – but it must have at least one.

Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is where the promotional tools that are used tie back with each other in order to reinforce each other.  For example, when Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all link to each other in communicating a campaign.  The common mention of a campaign slogan serves as a unifier.

In today’s world, people are constantly using social media with their phones. Marketers often get consumers to respond through social media and participate with a company’s promotion. Positive feedback can provide a company with valuable favorable word of mouth.  This can also lead to repeat sales. However, positive feedback is earned. It cannot be easily manipulated. You won’t say anything good about a product that you don’t actually like.

4) Ultimately, the success of any campaign has more to do with simply a clever idea. It has to do with how well the clever idea is executed. Also, it is not feasible to create “fake” social media accounts simply to do a project.

5) The discussion/participation section to the course contains key materials for your project:


Campaign Slogan (This is the title of your paper)


Company Background and Values

Segmentation of the Market and Identifying Target Customers

The Campaign’s “Big Idea”

Promotional Tools

Integrated Marketing Communication

Consumer Participation

Building the Brand

Campaign Execution


I am looking for at least three pages in length/depth for your overall work (750 words). —————————— Either develop your own promotional campaign for the project or discuss an exist
Fulfill Your Football Fantasies on Yahoo Fantasy Introduction I am starting a promotional campaign for Yahoo Fantasy. Fantasy football is a hobby that millions of people practice in the US. According to ESPN, about 40 million people play fantasy football in the United States (1). Like these other 40 million people, I really enjoy playing and look forward to football season each year because of it. The idea for my campaign comes from me wanting to reward fantasy teams with meeting real football players, hopefully attracting more users to Yahoo Fantasy. Company Background The company, Yahoo! Was founded in January 1994. However, Yahoo made one of their biggest decisions just five years later in 1999 (2). This was the year that Yahoo made their fantasy football product free to the public. The reasoning behind this decision was because the popularity of the hobby was quickly increasing and the rule systems were too confusing without a computer. Although Yahoo was as powerful as any company, the new fantasy product was offered free and completely changed the game. Segmentation of the Market and Identifying Target Customers For this campaign we will be trying to reach the diehard, experienced, and somewhat good fantasy football players. From a survey by the FSGA (Fantasy sports & gaming association), fantasy players are 81% male and 19% female. 50% are between the ages of 18 and 34 with an average age of 37 (3). So the customers are a majority of young to middle aged men. The market for fantasy is segmented in many ways with users who play in standard leagues, users in ppr leagues, half ppr leagues, etc. The Campaign’s “Big Idea” Since Yahoo Fantasy is a main reason Yahoo is still relevant, it’s important that people continue coming back and this is why my campaign is needed. In order to make sure Yahoo continues it’s success in this market and doesn’t take a back seat to the competitors, we need to make it more rewarding than the others. This is why Yahoo should hold a contest for all users on their app. This contest will consist of trying to be a top 100 fantasy player in the world. With ppr (points per reception) scoring gaining more popularity, this is the setting the leaderboard will go off of. It will also have to be consisting of teams in 12 man leagues or higher. Obviously with a contest there needs to be a reward, which is big enough to make people want to win this contest badly. For the reward, Yahoo will offer tickets and an experience before a game with the user’s fantasy MVP. Each person on the top 100 leaderboard will win this experience and have the time of their life. Promotional Tools The promotional tools my campaign will be using are social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These apps will be very successful at reaching our target audience of younger men because of how many younger people use these apps. It would also be huge if Yahoo could partner up with the NFL to get the contest talked about before a prime-time game or two. With millions of people already on the Yahoo app to play fantasy, it’s important to advertise the contest on there just to get more buzz and word of mouth. I believe these promotional tools will help the contest be seen and cause many people to switch their fantasy leagues to Yahoo. Integrated Marketing Communication The promotional tools like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will all be linked to Yahoo and the contest. Ads for our new Yahoo Fantasy contest will be promoted on each site with direct links to the contest’s rules and deadlines. The Facebook ads will be catered towards middle aged men, while Twitter and Instagram will be for a slightly younger target audience. Because of Yahoo’s past dominance and brand recognition, it shouldn’t be too hard to capture regular fantasy players or anyone else’s attention. Consumer Participation I plan on involving the customers by using the leaderboard for the contest. This leaderboard will show the team names in the top 100 and also the social media name of their choosing. This offers a way for these fantasy players to get their name seen and offers many opportunities to them. Often times when people start playing fantasy football, they look at more experienced players or YouTube channels to get more insight. Odds are, if you are in the top 100 on the app, you know a little something about how to win and how to pick the right players to start. This will cause people to take notice and start asking the top 100 for some advice. Building the Brand This campaign should help build Yahoo’s brand in many ways. While bringing more users to the site, the contest should also start a community and a helpful way to know who’s actually good at Fantasy. The brand will also be showcased in a beautiful way when the public gets to see all of these top 100 players meet some of their favorite football players while having a great experience. I believe people will look at Yahoo as a brand that cares about their users more than any competitors. If you can score enough points with your team to get in the top 100, the experience of going to a game and meeting an NFL superstar could be yours. Campaign Execution The most difficult elements of my campaign will be getting people to meet the specific football star that they want. If 80 of the people that are in the top 100 want to meet the same guy, it would be nearly impossible to execute. In order for this to be avoided, the higher a user places, the higher priority they get in choosing who they want to see play. The limit of people per player will be five. For example, if the top five placers want to meet Tom Brady, he is now unavailable for the rest of the leaderboard. The success of this contest also hinges on how hard or easy it would be to get these NFL players to agree with the idea. Conclusion During this exercise, I learned about thinking of an idea and laying out the marketing steps of making it a success. When thinking of ideas like these, it’s easy to not take into account all the details and figure out if it could actually work. I do believe this contest could offer some success for Yahoo and I also think I would be able to execute something like this with the right tools. Bibliography https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32056790/nfl-fantasy-football-goes-global-nigeria-philippines%3fplatform=amp https://www.google.com/amp/s/mashable.com/article/fantasy-football-yahoo%3famp https://thefsga.org/industry-demographics/


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