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check instructions posted in the instruction doc and follow exactly what is asked from you.

due in two days from now.

hw 2
Powerpoint on Global SPN Using the information provided for you regarding the Organization (GLOBAL SPN) in the uploaded attachment I provided for you which includes: (upload called: consulting project docx) Background on the organization 
 What business is the organization in (how do they make their money)? 
 What are their business objectives and what is their strategy to achieve those? 
 Describe their company culture and what impact it has on the business 
 Describe the HR organizational structure (including who HR reports into) 
 How does HR support the organization’s business objectives? What is their HR strategy? 
 What are some challenges that HR deals with in the organization? 
 What initiatives does the HR department plan to implement in the next 1-3 years? 
 What recommendations would you make, if any, so that HR can further contribute to the 
overall organizational goals? 
 Come up with a Powerpoint with slides that includes add notes on each slide (speaker notes on what I will be presenting for each slide)- The slides should include material discussed in the uploaded attachment starting from introducing the organization and what its about till the end. Must be 15 minutes long the entire time length for the presentation (don’t make too many slides maybe 10 slides in total would be great – see how you want to split the material. *For each slide make sure the slides are not boring and rather engaging and entertaining to watch, let the information in the add notes for what needs to be presented to the audience in terms of content.
hw 2
Global Student Placement Network (GlobalSPN) is a global signature educational consulting firm based in the United States of America, which offers products and services to local and international students. The products provided include; High School, Language School, College and University Placements. The firm helps students who are interested in pursuing higher education in the United States. It was founded in the year 2012 by Dr. Negar to provide consulting services including provision for educational opportunities which are available in the US, high-quality advice, training services, educational consultancy support and help in the process of admission to the graduate and undergraduate students, institutions as well as organizations. The company has about 30 years of experience in providing high-quality services to its clients globally (Globalspn.com, 2013). Initially this idea started as a small family business looking ahead into expanding the organization over time.   The business the organization is engaged in: The Global Student Placement Network (Global SPN) makes money through the provision of a wide range of academic and educational services to individuals, institutions, companies and organizations. The services which enable the business to make money include International Education Consulting; College Placements; Campus Tours; High School and English Language Program Placements; Employment and Career Coaching; Postdoctoral Support Services; Student Recruitment and Marketing. Besides, the company makes money through the provision of training and educational counseling to its clients. They provide individual institutions and organizations’ access to over 4,500 colleges and universities locally in the US and globally. The packages selected by individual clients or institutions range in cost from $550 to $2750 (Globalspn.com, 2014). What are their business objectives and what is their strategy to achieve those? The main objective is to provide educational opportunities and guidance for individuals, institutions, and organizations so as to enable them to diversify their knowledge base and have a broader access to educational opportunities available in the United States. Another objective is to offer excellent services to each client. This business is virtual as clients can seek our help from any country.  Marketing is done through a website and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, etc. However, the main marketing is through the word of mouth recruiting and reaching out to high school counselors.    Other objectives include the provision of a wide range of international education consulting; college placements; campus tours; high school and English language program placements; employment and career coaching; postdoctoral support services; student recruitment and marketing. Global SPN culture and its impact on business: The culture of the Global SPN Company includes the creation of a model educational consulting company, which is not only respected but also recognized for offering high-quality advising and training services across the globe. Hence, the culture of the company is that of 24/7 responsiveness and willingness to talk with clients when they need to discuss issues with us or need advice.  The Company believes in customer service and doing whatever it takes to assist each and every client.  There are many educational options available to students, which they discuss with students and guide them to the right fit institutions accordingly.   The company also derives pleasure in providing high-quality products; High School, Language School, College and University Placements for its clients. The workforce at the company takes pride in their passion and genuine care towards the needs of the international students. This show of genuine care and dedicated support for its clients has enabled the company to gain the necessary respect, reputation and trust among the various professionals both within the U.S. and internationally. The culture at the company has also contributed to the high level of teamwork experienced at the company which has made the workforce to be flexible and culturally accommodative. It has also added to the 100% success rate in the student admission in academic institutions. HR organizational structure (including who HR reports into) GlobalSPN started off small with only 4 members the graduate advisor Kolby Kent, student advisors; John Wayne, Preston Davis and Noelle Malindizak, however over time in the past 5 years it has grown to over 50 individuals supporting the company in different capacities.  For example, the company hires seasonal help for data entry, marketing, communication, student recruiting and marketing tasks.  It also employs part-time, full-time, interns and contract based individuals who assist with tours, advising, presentations, budgets, web update and other projects as needed. These employees are screened prior to being hired. They receive on the job training and ideally these individuals will be committed to the work for at least 2 years.     How does HR support the organization’s business objectives? What is their HR strategy? Dr. Negar Davis acts as the founder, CEO and HR manager at Global SPN. As the HR, she uses strategic positioning as a strategy to create as well as deliver value to the Global SPN. Her experience as a researcher and higher education professional has enabled the business to succeed in its objectives both locally and across the globe. As a strategic positioned, she has selected a team of experts who knows the business inside and out due to their past personal and professional international experiences. Their experiences have enabled them to acquire the important business principles, the need to adopt the business strategy, a clear understanding of value creation as well as their ability to be flexible to the market trends and context. The advisors have a clear knowledge of the diverse global cultures, locations, academic programs, student services, as well as the vast educational opportunities available locally and globally. This has enabled them to help students to meet the needs of its clients while adding value to the organization. What are some challenges that HR deals within the organization? The strategic positioning is difficult at times to create and maintain. One of the challenges entails dealing with difficult people whose demands may at times not be met. This leaves the HR spending a lot of time dealing with difficult external and internal stakeholders. Another challenge is recruiting and hiring the right people has been the most challenging.  In this business, the staff has to be extremely professional and efficient as the slightest mistake can have serious consequences. Furthermore, finding the right fit employees is not easy as many accept entry-level positions as a step-in-stone for the next position.  Consequently, our hiring is selective and also mainly through the word of month and connections.  We strive to hire individuals interested in educational fields and career objectives. Interpersonal and intercultural communications skills are extremely important features we look for.    What initiatives does the HR department plan to implement in the next 1-3 years? The main goal the HR department plan to implement in the next 1-3 years is that of retention of their staff making them feel a part of the organization by offering them incentives and professional development opportunities.  If the organization continues to grow there will be need for additional hiring.  In about 3 years, the Company would like to see steady and sustainable growth leading up to an additional staff of 20.   Also, in the next three years, the Global SPN intends to create a model educational consulting company, which is not only respected but also recognized for offering high-quality advising and training services across the globe. The initiatives also entail capability building where the business intends to successfully execute capability audits to enable the business to acquire real-time updates on where the business stands and where it is going in the industry. What recommendations would you make, if any, so that HR can further contribute to the overall organizational goals? HR is an important pillar for any organization as staff can either make a company or break it. Dedicated employees who truly care for the well-being of the organization will grow with the company.  Hence, it is critical for the success of any organization to hire the right employees.  At the same time employees must remain motivated and excited to promote the company by portraying a positive image. Salary, commission, incentives and extra bonuses are always beneficial and go a long way for many employees.  Also, award and recognition matter, which must be woven into the fabric of any organization.    To enable the company to enhance its recruitment strategies and meet its enrollment goals, the company has to lay emphasis on capability building. The global demand for colleges and universities to attract students is growing rapidly. There is need therefore for the firm to manage innovation and change so as to meet the uncertain needs of clients. The firm is expanding into global markets and helping more universities to enhance levels of enrollment. Part of its organizational capabilities, therefore, should include attracting, retaining as well as motivating talent, which will help the board advisors in meeting their objectives. The products that the firm provides include; High School, Language School, College and University Placements for its clients. Therefore the company should establish ways of leveraging a rich culture towards expanding its scope. Regarding value delivery, the company should create a provision for product and service innovation so as to manage profitability. Moreover, the company also needs to manage its talent so as to ensure a smooth transition in leadership. Efforts should, therefore, be made towards developing talent to take over the leadership shortly. Finally, good governance should also be inculcated as part of the organization culture. Bibliography Globalspn.com. (2014). About Us. Retrieved 2017, from Global SPN: https://www.globalspn.com/about-us/ Globalspn.com. (2013). Your Education Concierge . Retrieved 2017, from Global SPN: https://www.globalspn.com Ulrich, D., Allen, J., Brockbank, W., Younger, J., & Nyman, M. (2009). HR transformation: Building human resources from the outside in. New York.


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