Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Managers Responsibility in Setting Tone and Expectations in Hospital Setting.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Managers Responsibility in Setting Tone and Expectations in Hospital Setting. The paper tells that beyond an iota of doubt, the hospital’s success depends on the level of teamwork and participation invested by various stakeholders. The manager, in consideration of the above fact, needs to awaken to his or her duty as the tone-setter for the team. Considering the team, specifically to include nurses, doctors, administrative staff, lab assistants, support staff and other workers in the hospital setting, the hospital manager has a lot to do in respect of setting expectations and the tone. The manager should realize that his/her weaknesses and faults can easily be magnified within the team. Even though the manager should lead by example, this is no guarantee that their staff will behave positively or that performance will automatically be impressive as a result. However, it must be noted that leading by example increases the chances of having positive results and encouraging positive behavior as noted by Schulz and Johnson. The manager should take time to listen to other people’s views and abstain from being judgmental. Yet again, he/she should honor their commitments and be interested in his staff members. Furthermore, they should be flexible, calm under pressure, effective in addressing issues, and open-minded and flexible. In addition, they should be respectful to others and work toward increasing productivity and meeting deadlines. Honesty, timeliness, optimism, and integrity should be part of the manager’s delights. The manager should be result oriented, be positively interactive and value meetings and other vital events. By setting the tone in this manner, employees are bound to follow suite, in some cases with a few exceptions. Expectations that the Manager should Communicate Understanding what mangers expect from employees is vital for improved performance, good employee relations and employee success. Saville and Higgins (2010) note that without clear work expectations, employees would waste a lot of effort due to lack of or misplaced priorities, endure a lot of stress and waste a lot of time doing unnecessary chores. They also note that when the manger defines clearly job expectations and communicate this to employees, they get to understand what is expected of them. They also understand the reasons why they are doing the work as directed. Furthermore, they get to understand how work progress and realize at the right time when to ask for assistance. This also helps employees in knowing areas where they need to make improvements (Saville and Higgins, 2010).


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