Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on psych 1010 out of class activity 3 Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on psych 1010 out of class activity 3 Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Normally, whenever I sit down, I usually tend to relax and slouch so that whenever I am tired, I have the tendency of lying down altogether. However, when I sit down to do a task I usually sit up straight with my shoulders up. Whenever I watch television or work in front of the computer, I typically sit on the couch or my bed with my legs crossed. On the other hand, walking for me is usually not too fast nor too slow but within the normal pace and I observed that whenever I walk, my toes are at an angle probably at 80-85 degrees. At a faster pace, whenever I am in a hurry, my toes tend to make a 90 degree angle with my heels. My free hand/s sway at an alternate manner with my feet loosely on my sides during a normal gait and tend to have longer sways when my strides are longer during a hurried walking movement. Altogether, my back is usually straight and my face focused forward so that most often, I am not able to notice the faces of those whom I meet. On the first day of my experiment when I was sitting in front of the computer accessing my ‘facebook’ account in a relaxed mood, I observed that my shoulders were bent down. Looking at the pictures of my friends, I tended to sit up straight whenever I see images that amuse me or give me a happy feeling. Seeing the number of notifications, I got a mixed feeling of wondering who might have been making comments on my pictures and the excitement of knowing what my friends thought about them and this also kept my posture abreast. Being perked up and remembering to experiment on my emotions, I consciously bent down my shoulders and sought for my best pictures. My posture did have an effect on my mood, making me seem to have no interest in the pictures I was watching. There is this favorite picture of mine that really makes my day and when I came to it, my feelings lightened up making me smile and attempt a straight position but I intentionally kept my shoulders down and I noticed that in a few seconds, I lost interest in looking at my picture and reading the comments. During the second day of my experiment, I was feeling quite gloomy. It was one of those days when one really seemed to have woke up on the wrong side of the bed so this caught an interest in me to see how one’s posture would really change one’s state of mind. I do not exercise but this morning I did a little stretching because simply straightening my back did not work as it seemed like a tough job to maintain a straight posture. I then stood up straightening and extending my clasped hands forward feeling my muscles stretch then made a bow position of my back while raising my clasped hands. Maintaining the position of my clasped hands, I bent to the right then to the left, feeling the little ache in my muscles and then I reached my clasped hands to the farthest it could go to my back, then I repeated the whole process three times. After which, I made three quick stretches on my shoulders, moving my arms forward and then backward. I sat down and observed myself. There indeed was a change. I was feeling livelier and even almost unconsciously looked forward to what I was going to do during the day, stopping to think of the necessary things I have to accomplish and what other things I can do to make my day even better.


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