cyber ethics 3

  • Academic Article Review

  • Compose and submit to this assignment for the Weeks 10 and 11 assignment a structured review of the article that has an overall introduction, an overall conclusion, and a developed body that flows well generally at least a few paragraphs at least 250 words, not including the question text itself), using your own words. Please include, as well:
    1. An APA/MLA/Chicago reference for the article basically, let your professor know how to find it if I want to read it.
    2. A brief summary of the main points that the author made in the article.
    3. An analysis of the article. Some points to address: 1) Did the author have a clear purpose for the article? What makes you believe so? 2) Was this purpose accomplished? How? 3) Did the author present compelling evidence to support main points? 4) Does the article have gaps? What sort? 5) Did the author present the information in a way that readers would find appealing? In what way? 6) Is the world a better place for this article being written? How? 7) How does this article relate to the real world, either business wise, or personally? If it doesn’t, state why.

    You don’t have to write in a boring and stilted academic style in your summary and analysis it’s all right (and encouraged!) to write in an engaging style!This assignment should be a minimum of 250 words in lengthand is due at the end of the academic period. It is worth 50 points, and a complete discussion of the article will get full credit. This assignment’s score will appear in the online grade book following the end academic period.

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