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  1. Create the preliminary parts of the report that precede the Introduction. Each element (1a to 1d) appears on a separate page (1a should be page 1, 1b should be page 2, etc.). The preliminary part includes:

a.Title Page

b.Transmittal (stand alone business letter)

c. Table of Contents

d. Executive Summary

2. Create an introduction that tells what your report is about. The introduction includes:

a. Begin with a general introduction paragraph that gives the reader any needed background information on the company or problem.

b. Include the Problem Statement

c.Include terms that readers will need to know in order to understand the report.

d.Briefly summarize the major sections and findings of the report..

e. Discuss what your report will cover and what it will not (including limitations such as research, time, information, or any other factors the reader should consider when reading the report).

3. Create the Recommendation section of the Report.

a. Provide a one to two (1 2) sentence recommendation based on what your Evaluation of Alternatives and Findings and Analysis sections have determined is the most feasible alternative (i.e., solution) to the problem in the Problem Statement.

4. Create the References section, which goes at the end of the Report by pasting in your revised References page.

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