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Fundamentals of Communication

Response Paper 2

“The Lunch Date” (1989) dir. Adam Davidson

youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epuTZigxUY8

Write a 750 1000 word (about 2 ½ 3 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font) observation/reaction/analysis.

Questions to consider in your paper:

What is your impression of the two main characters?

Who are they (your best guess) and where might they each live? What tells you this?

Why do you suppose they reacted the way they did?

Did stereotypes play a role in their reactions? What gave you this impression?

Do you feel there was enough dialogue in this film? Why?

If you would like, discuss something else that is related to what we have been discussing in class. Anything since Day 1 is fair game.

Incorporate at least three (3) vocabulary terms from Chapter 5 Nonverbal Communication into your response paper.

Please underline or highlight the terms used.

This paper should be completely your own opinion. It is not meant to be a formal research paper, so no need to cite sources.

Mentioning a part of the story when you are illustrating a point is fine, but please do not take up half of your paper to summarize the film. I have seen it.

Please write this paper in paragraph form. Be sure to double check your grammar and punctuation.

Submit your papers on Canvas.

Have fun with this assignment!

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