terrorism and security issues 529

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1: Law vs. War
2: US Army: Guide toTerrorism in theTwenty First Century
3: Terrorism, Security, and Power

If links do not open the documents please click on Resources on the left hand navigation bar. Then, open the “Week 1 Reading” folder. Inside the folder you will find the documents.

One of the major reasons the world struggles with how to combat terrorism is because of the world’s inability to agree on a common definition of terrorism. The US government, many allied nations, and even the so called State Sponsors of Terrorism nations (as defined by the US State Department) hold differing views and define the phenomenon slightly different.

As a Security professional you will find that even senior level, high visibility agencies inside the US government can’t agree on a standard definition for one reason or another. After all, an old adage often heard when attempting to define terrorism is “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”

Your assignment is to research various definitions of terrorism, analyze the content, determine what is necessary and share your personal definition with the class.

Keep your initial posting as concise as possible. Response must be a minimum of 750 words.

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