network simple homework 1

Before reading this specification, you have to understand the protocol and architecture of UDP client and server programs described on the slides above.

Attached are two UDP client and server programs written in C. These programs work on Linux (e.g., Ubuntu). To compile these, type “gcc –o client client.c” and “gcc –o server server.c” in a terminal on Ubuntu. To run these, type ./client and ./server for each terminal.

Modify the UDP client and server posted above.

  1. The UDP client sends 20 messages to the UDP server. (10 Points)
  2. The UDP server replies to the client whenever 5 messages are received (or delivered), so the client receives only 4 messages from the server. (40 Points)
  3. The UDP server does not reply if any of 5 messages is not delivered. (50 Points).
  • Due: 11:59 PM on Feb 10
  • Submission: Your client and server C programs.

Also I have uploaded the Guideline file for you, Clinet and UDp server

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