Bicycle safety writing homework help

Research and select an article or publication related to one of the following:

Bicycle safety

Honey Bees

Carbon Monoxide

Dog bites

Terrorism awareness

Use of seat belts

Ingested poisonings

Childhood drowning

Boating safety

Fireworks safety

Your presentation must contain the following:

Contain appropriate content/photos/data for the audience.

Have at least 15 slides (not counting the title slide and reference slide).

Have a title slide.

Include a 250 word introduction.

Explain how this program provides for increased safety, injury prevention, and convenient public services for your community.

Identify which of the 16 life safety initiatives are applicable to the subject.

Include a reference slide at the end. APA FORMATING, NO PLAIGARISM!!!

Although not mandatory, your presentation can include photographs to help appeal to your audience. NFPA Standard: 1021 6.3.1

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