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read the tow articles down and make comment for each article 1/As social media grows and improves with varies ways to communicate with others around the world however, the number of cyber criminals are rapaidly expanding. “fraud related groups on social media platforms has increased 70 percent in the past six months.” (Frenkel) Social media is the foundation for cyber crime and is attracting fraudsters due to the fact it’s free, easy to reach millions of people, and easy to start. Social media is a common ground were many people shop, communicate, and research information. The level of “fraud activity rose to flood the network with fraud offerings” (Frenkel) According to RSA, five hundred fraud dedicated social media groups worldwide (220,000 members) were studied. (Frenkel)

Be aware of many websites and ads that are displayed on social media accounts. criminals found a home on social media sites.html 2/Apple’s 10th anniversary is coming up and reportedly their new iPhones will include a special edition. Apple’s next iPhone will have a curved OLED display screen. The iPhone will have a predicted price tag of $1,000. Also, rumored to include a USB C port for recharging and other peripherals. Also, adding existing features that are already included on the iPhone 7 such as the 12 megapixel camera, water and dust resistant, and wireless headphone jack.

Their rival Samsung will be the initial supplier of OLED screens for Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhones. “Samsung is currently the only smart phone maker to offer curved and flexible OLED screens and has used them since at least 2012.” (Weiss) This new iPhone will be the next top seller for Apple and cellphone companies sales will sky rocket. “Preorder sales of the iPhone 7 models in 2016 outranked earlier iPhone preorder numbers at T Mobile and set a single day preorder sales record for any smartphone ever offered by the carrier.” (Weiss) to offer 10th anniversary iphone with curved oled screen report.html avoid plagiarism and use simple word and write 4 sentences for each comment for article

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