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Respond to each question in 150 words.


I currently use sorting and filtering all the time.In my department, we manage a lot of data.Some users are more experienced than others, so the more we can do when delivering a file to others the easier it is for them and the least amount of questions occur. We use sorting on every report we deliver.Almost always sort by patient last name then first name.In addition to the sorting, we had filters, to allow users to quickly and easily filter by provider, organization or practice to minimize the data they are referring.We also use these intensively for the data we own, manipulate and report from.I am often able to give a quick response in a meeting by simply pulling up a file and quickly filtering the data and getting a count.

I only create macros on occasion to run specific filters and then clear those filters.As users, we work with, become more experienced and we deliver more functionality with pivot tables and other tools, the way I used to use these are not needed as often. I did often struggle with the macros staying intact with the file.You can save the macro with the workbook or in your personal macro file.Saving with the workbook seemed to work best, although I liked saving as personal to use across files. I know macros are quite robust and I am sure there are ways to use them I have yet to explore.

I have to say I have never queried very little in excel.If I need to query I link the file or import the file to Microsoft access and run all my reporting from there. I would love to hear from others if they use queries in excel and find advantages over access.


Good Evening everyone,

I use the sorting and filtering functions almost on a regular basis at work (and within the last 6 years) for the primary reason of maintaining and tracking information as it comes in until completion. I really, really like it because I can sort by name of the individuals, by their rank, specialty and date of when we first received it. This is really important because it helps me keep track of individuals and important due dates which cannot be missed for any reason. Sorting and filtering overall helps the flow of the work sheet and helps break down information to important parts for reference or relevance, an absolute must for any worksheet!

Macros are really beneficial when you have a work sheet where you need to repeat the same steps over and over again. In the past I have created macros for a monthly flow sheet, where I tracked trends within the military healthcare system. I received enrollment data for our primary care clinics (how many patients were assigned to primary care providers), I would then plug the data into a spreadsheet and the macro would computer the data for the monthly gains and losses for a specific clinic for that month. It was a really simple macro where, I entered the appropriate data into the correct cells and hit the macro button. The macro would then create an additional column, copy the data from the input cells (into the new column), delete the very last column (so it is only one year worth of data), calculate the data against the previous month’s data (so it would come out as a negative or positive). Finally, it would adjust the charts to show the trend, showing an overall negative or positive against all clinics and within the hospital and the macro would do this in just a few seconds. A big time saver, which definitely helped increased productivity.

While I don’t have any current plans to use the macro feature, it is definitely a handy tool to keep in the back of your pocket!

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