onduct a brief SWOT analysis relating to Johnson Wales University homework help

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This assignment is to practice the first step in the case analysis process – the SWOT analysis.

One of the key elements to successful case study analysis is the ability to review a company’s internal strengths (S) and weaknesses (W) as well as the external opportunities (O) and threats (T) that the company and industry may face.

Conduct a brief SWOT analysis relating to Johnson & Wales University. Try to list (bullet) at least 5 internal strengths and 5 weaknesses as well as 5 external opportunities and 5 threats.

Review the user guide for detailed instructions on submitting an assignment.

To assist in your analysis, when reviewing JWU’s internal elements consider the following sub-categories:

  • management,
  • marketing,
  • R & D,
  • MIS, and a
  • financial audit.

For the external environment, consider the following competitive forces:

  • political/governmental,
  • economics,
  • social/cultural/demographic
  • technological, and
  • environmental,
  • legal

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