please write 2 easy disscusions

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I will post two questions and requirement. Each question needs a discussion to answer, But you do not have to write too much, too deeply or read the book. Just write something relatively.

Question 1:

Discussion Boards are graded based upon your ability to relate the courses material to the topic under discussion, the level to which you support your point with specific examples and your writing. Discussion Boards are not a place to over generalize, vent, use informal writing or use language not appropriate for a professional environment.

After successful completion of specific requirements, accountants may earn a certification as public accountants (CPA’s), management accountants (CMA’s), internal auditors (CIA’s), forensic accountant (Cr.FA), charted global management accountant (CGMA), financial manager (CFM), financial planner (CFP), or enrolled agent (EA). Using the Internet, research one of these programs and and indicate at least two certification requirements. If you are discussing a CPA, tell me which state requirements you are referring to (please only pick one state so there are other states left for remaining students).

Helpful websites:,,,,

**Your post will be graded on originality, and your ability to integrate your colleague’s posts into your discussion. Please do not simply re-state the post of a previous colleague

Question 2:

Code of Ethics:

Go online and find the code of conduct from one of your favorite companies. Share with the class which company you chose and compare this code of conduct with the Institute of Management Accountant’s Statement of Ethical Professional Practice, which can be found from the IMA website,; or, compare your selected company’s code of conduct with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Code of Professional Conduct which can be obtained from www.

please be 100% original, cuz we use turnitin

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