Military History 3 Short essay answer and 1 Long

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  • You will be graded on the quality of your critical thought and analysis.
  • The longer essay should have more analysis and content than the short ones.
  • You may use the text, notes or any other resource to assist you in answering the questions. You should always support your answers through specific historical examples, but you are not required to cite sources

Short Essay

1. We have analyzed different periods throughout this course for evidence of the application of Joint Warfare (Army, Navy, Air Force)- based on American military history, is there really a significant advantage to practicing Joint Warfare?

2. The term “conventional” warfare comes to us from the conventions (treaties, laws, etc.) that govern it. Unconventional warfare is then, by definition, other than “conventional” (outside the bounds of treaties, laws, etc.). Given the American military experience you are familiar with, are unconventional forms of warfare illegal or immoral?

3. The American Way of War is attrition warfare- defend or refute this assertion.

Long Essay

The military profession’s purpose is to fight wars. Yet, war is not an end to itself. Nations go to war to achieve a wide range of objectives. As a military professional with an understanding of the sweep of history, you should be able to answer the following question:

How effective is war as a means of achieving national objectives?


Format of the way Professor wants each of these answered.

1) Answer the call of question

2) Use exact word concepts

3) Organization Format



BODY – 3 pieces of evidence- subtitles- bullets

Conclusion recap- how 3 things were brought together

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