Use of Artificial Intelligence in Decision Support Systems computer science homework help

Research Paper


  1. Use of Artificial Intelligence in Decision Support Systems.
  2. Business Uses of Natural Language Processing.
  3. Use of Game Theory in Business Intelligence Systems.
  4. Use of Decision Trees in Automated Systems.
  5. The Social Networks for Collaborative Decision Making.

Write a research paper on one topic from above five given topics that is related to Business Intelligence. The paper should follow the APA format rules.

As you consider the topic for your research paper, try and narrow the subject down to a manageable issue. Search for academic journal articles (i.e. peer reviewed) and other sources related to your selected subject. Because this is a research paper, you must be sure to use proper APA format citations.

Your paper must include an introduction stating what your paper is about and a logical conclusion.

This paper must contain 6-8 pages of content and use at least 5 peer reviewed sources. Peer reviewed sources include: Academic Journal Articles, Textbooks, and Government Documents. At least one of the textbooks for this course must be used as a source for this paper.

*introduction, conclusion and subheadings are mandatory

*No Plagiarism

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