Global communication

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According to the lecture, during the 1994, Rwandan genocide, which nation appeared to have aided the genocide? How many people were killed during the genocide?

Final Exam (Version 2)

Global Communication

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The Keys to the Courage

1. According to the lecture, during the 1994, Rwandan genocide, which nation appeared to have aided the genocide? How many people were killed during the genocide?

a. The U.S.A.

b. U.K.

c. North Korea

d. Russia

e. 1) 800, 2) 8,000, 3) 80,000, or 4) 800,000

The Nigerian marketplace

2. What is one of the significant functions of the Nigerian market in the light of promoting prosperity?

a. International investments

b. Foreign aid

c. Business opportunities for local people

d. Building a modern shopping malls

Spanish Bullfight

3. What are two main differences between Spanish Bullfight and Portuguese Bullfight?



Kid Crosby or Golden Boy: Sidney Crosby, Canadian national identity, and the politics of hockey masculinity

4. According to the lecture why is Sidney Crosby considered to be a Canadian national symbol?

a. Because he is White

b. Because he is straight

c. Because he is from the working class

d. Because he is male.

e. All of the above

Non-western sexuality comes to the U.S.: A crash course for Manga and Anime for Sexologists.

5. What makes Japanese Manga sexuality Non-western?

a. The technique of Manga drawing

b. The way the Manga depicts female sexualities

c. The way the sexuality is rooted in religious traditions

d. There are no cultural difference between the West and Japan.

e. Both b. & c.

Turkish Coffeehouse

6. state two aspects (out of many) of Turkish Coffeehouse that signify the society of Turkey,



Arab American femininities: Beyond Arab virgin/American(ized) whore.

7. At author’s home (from Arab’s perspective), how are Arab American females perceived?

a. Dignified

b. Proper

c. Family oriented

d. Trustworthy

e. All of the above

The cultural experience of space and body: A reading of Latin American and Anglo American component in public.

8. How are U.S. Americans stereotyped by many people in Latin America?

a. Friendly

b. Intimate

c. Caring

d. Generous

e. Lonely

Globalization and intercultural personhood.

9. What are the two important components of intercultural personhood?

a. Diversity and inclusion

b. Democracy and human rights

c. Economic prosperity and peace

d. Individuation and universalization

e. Global and intercultural understandings

Why stories, why now? – The power of storytelling (a cautionary tale)

10. Who should and can play a major role in the light of promoting social justice and peace?

a. Social media

b. Mainstream media

c. The U.S. government

d. Ordinary people

e. Experts

11. Explain how the structure of corporatocracy works (5 answers). Be sure to explain the followings: 1) the general structure, 2) how multinational corporations benefit from the system, 3) how consumers in the US benefit from the structure, 4) how the structure creates job losses in the U.S., 5) how the structure contributes to the global warming. (2 points)

12. Explain how China has become the number one economy of the world (5 answers). Be sure to address the followings: 1) the role of communist government in China, 2) the role of corporations from the U.S., 3) the role of US consumers, 4) the role of the U.S. government policies. (1 point)

13. Explain how the strict interpretation is necessary in Saudi Arabia (5 answers). Be sure to explain the following aspects: 1) how women’s rights are oppressed, 2) protection of the Royal family, 3) the U.S. access to the oil, 4) making sure that the hostile nations against the U.S. do not have access to the Saudi oil, 5) convincing the U.S. public that the U.S. is promoting democracy in Middle East. (1.5 points)

14. Explain how racism against people of color may financially hurt low income white population. State at least two examples. (2 points)

15. Explain the following concepts with your own examples – one example for each concept (1 point):

a. Intercultural personhood – Universalization

b. Intercultural personhood – Individuation

c. Intercultural personhood – Acculturation

d. Intercultural personhood – Deculturation

e. Intercultural personhood – Stress-Adaptation-Transformation

16. According to the lecture, in the light of Presidential election in 2020, explain what most of the red counties and states have in common? (not just Republican and Democratic parties). Additionally, in the light of the commonality, explain two possible reasons why the CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, iHeartRadio, and NPR have not widely reported on it? (0.5 point each – 1.5 points total).

Extra Bonus Question:

Explain how “Black Lives Matter” movement is stereotyped and the functions of stereotyping. Be sure to discuss the following aspects: 1) individual functions, 2) collective functions, 3) profit making motives (state at least two), 4) benefits for political parties. (2 points total).

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3. Dreyer, B. P., Trent, M., Anderson, A. T., Askew, G. L., Boyd, R., Coker, T. R., … &

Stein, F. (2020). The death of George Floyd: bending the arc of history toward justice for

generations of children. Pediatrics, 146(3).

4. Vaughan-Bonas, D. (2019). The oppression in appropriation

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