Family and Community Health Practice –

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Family and Community Health Practice
Assessment task 1: Essay Intent: Students are required to explain how one aspect of public policy (for example, Close the Gap, Northern Territory Intervention, Renal Health Policies, Stolen Generation) impacts upon Indigenous Australians and link this to the ongoing impacts of racism and colonisation (in the context of the student’s sub-major) or undertake a media analysis and how this portrays Indigenous Australians and link this to the ongoing impacts of racism and colonisation (in the context of student’s sub-major).
Objective(s): This assessment task addresses subject learning objective(s):
A, B, D and G This assessment task contributes to the development of graduate attribute(s): 1.0 and 6.0
Subject objectives Upon successful completion of this subject students should be able to:
A. Examine and apply the principles of primary health care and health promotion as the basis for health care delivery
B. Critically reflect on the implications of diverse family structures in Australian society
C. Explore and critically analyse the complexity of family relationships and responses to stressors and challenges
D. Critically assess the impact of ongoing colonisation and its pervasive discourse on Indigenous Australians and their health and wellbeing
E. Critically discuss family and caregiver tasks and the transition to learning new tasks and changes in responsibilities
F. Assess in partnership with the family any vulnerabilities and develop interventions that use family strengths
G. Research and evaluate the connection between the wellbeing of the family and the larger community
H. Critically analyse the complexities of family violence and individuals at risk of harm and identify support services and referral pathways
This subject also contributes specifically to the following graduate attributes:
. A graduate of this course practices within a strengths-based, relationship-focused, family-partnership wellness model. (1.0)
.  A graduate of this course exhibits specialist nursing knowledge and skills in the care of young children, parents and families at beginning practitioner level. (4.0)
.  A graduate of this course is a critical thinker who is able to assess a body of evidence and integrate it into practice. (5.0)
.  Graduates have professional competency, which contributes to the health and wellbeing of Indigenous Australians, inclusive of physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellness. (6.0)
ASSESSMENT ITEM 1: Critical analysis. Indigenous Australian families in
health & community.
Colonisation has taken place in many parts of the world, and invariably has led to the dispossession of land and resources, breakdown of cultural and social structures and the deterioration in the health and wellbeing of indigenous peoples. The Faculty of Health considers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders health to be everyone’s business and recognises the ongoing impact of racism and colonisation on the health of Australian Indigenous people
In this assignment, you will:
1. Choose one policy that has impacted on Aboriginal and Torres Strait families
and their health (such as Closing the Gap, the Northern Territory Intervention,
the Stolen Generation). You are encouraged to discuss topics with the
teaching staff.
2. Locate literature relevant to their chosen topic. You will be provided with
some of these resources by the teaching staff, but are also required to locate
further additional literature for your own use.
3. Prepare and submit a written essay that:
a. Identifies the policy and provides a sound rationale for the choice of
policy for critical analysis
b. Critically analyses the identified policy in relation to families, social
determinants of health, racism and colonisation.
c. Develops recommendations for learning and professional practice.
d. Prepare and submit their assignment in accordance with Faculty
requirements for presentation and referencing.
Marking criteria:
Assignments will be assessed according to the following marking criteria:
• Organisation of the assignment (5 marks)
o The purpose of the assignment is understood and explained.
o The assignment is written in a clear and logical style.
o Conclusion identifies and summarises major themes from the
• Critical analysis: Identified policy (5 marks)
o The policy is identified and explained.
o The policy is relevant to the students practice.
o An appropriate rationale for critiquing the policy is included.
• Critical analysis: Families and social determinants of health (15 marks)
o The discussion is clear, logical and analytical.
o Appropriate literature is used to support discussion.
• Critical analysis: Racism and colonisation. (10 marks)
o The discussion is clear, logical and analytical.
o Appropriate literature is used to support discussion.
• Recommendations for learning and professional practice (10 marks)
o Sound and relevant recommendations are made.
o Appropriate literature is used to support discussion.
• Referencing and presentation requirements are met. (5 marks)

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