Faith and Professional Perspectives

Faith and Professional Perspectives

HSCO 502

Impact Assignment: Part 1 Grading Rubric

Criteria Points Possible Points Earned
Organization 0 to 15 points

· There is a clear, logical flow of ideas.

· Major points are stated clearly.

· Major points are supported by insight from the sources of information.

· Current APA headings are used to organize the content.

· The assignment meets the required page length (6 pages).

Content 0 to 80 points

· Specific support from the sources of information are integrated into the narrative.

· The analysis is logical and relevant to the topic.

· There is evidence of comprehension regarding the development impact of the topic.

· The applications of ideas are accurate and prudent.

· Each of the following topics are adequately addressed:

· Introduction How is the topic defined or conceptualized? Importance to the field of human development

· Developmental Impact At what age and stage does this issue typically impact a person? What is its potential impact on a person’s development progress? What is the impact to cognitive, social, emotional, relationship, and/or moral dimensions of development?

· Faith & Professional Perspectives Are there Christian principles or biblical themes that provide explanation or clarification you want to include? What are the most important considerations for human services providers to know as they work with individuals and families experiencing this impact to development?

· Resources 2 educational readings 2 referral sources

· References 4 sources of information

Readability and Current APA Format 0 to 20 points

· Proper spelling and grammar are used.

· Sentences are complete, clear, and concise.

· Use of direct quotes is minimal.

· Paragraphs are appropriate lengths and contain varied sentence structures.

· References are cited in current APA format.

References 0 to 15 points

· The textbook and at least 3 scholarly sources contribute to the paper.

· Sources are accurately cited and a full APA reference is present.

· Sources of information are scholarly or reputable.

· Sources have strong relevance to the topic.

Total /130
Instructor’s feedback regarding strengths and areas of weakness (where points were lost):




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