Evaluation of Literature

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Title of Paper

Student Name

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Title of Paper with no bold (no more than 75 words)

Introduce your main thesis here. [introduction to your paper paragraph].

Background (no more than 125 words)

This paragraph addresses why the proposed work is important in the field. In this section, provide the status quo of the relevant work field and identify a gap in knowledge or activities that must be filled to move the field forward.

Problem Statement (no more than 125 words)

Sufficient details should be given in this discussion (1) to make clear what the research problem is and exactly what has been accomplished; (2) to give evidence of your own competence in the field; and (3) to show why the previous work needs to be continued.

Purpose of the Change Proposal (no more than 125 words)

Place a testable, focused, clear, declarative statement of relationships between variables based on previous observations.


PICO (T) components and question needs to be placed here.

Literature Search Strategy (no more than 75 words)

Here is the information you might want to include when describing your literature search process: Databases used, Search terms used, Details of your search equations, Selection or exclusion criteria, Additional search methods, Number of results found, Final number of documents used and Types of documents used.

Evaluation of Literature (no more than 200 words)

Literature reviews should be selective and critical. Reviewers do not want to read through a voluminous working bibliography; they want to know the pertinent works and your evaluation of them. Discussions of work done by others should therefore lead the reader to a clear impression of how you will be building upon what has already been done and how your work differs from theirs. It is important to establish what is original in your approach (innovative), what circumstances have changed since related work was done, or what is unique about the time and place of the proposed research.

Applicable Change or Nursing Theory Utilized (no more than 150 words)

To write this paragraph you must choose a Nursing theory and/or Framework. After choosing your theory and/or framework you will talk to how it Provides a structure for the study, Provides the rationale for the predictions of the relationships between the variables, GUIDEs and directs the study and Helps make sense of meaning of the study (meaningful interpretation).

Proposed Implementation Plan with Outcome Measures (no more than 200 words)

Implementation plan is a guide for developing the program, tool for planning the piloting of the program and provides a timeline of actions or activities. A concise, easy-to-read overview of goals, strategies, objectives, outcome measures, timeline, and responsible parties.

Identification of Potential Barrier to Plan Implementation and a Discussion of How these could be Overcome (no more than 200 words)

Identification of potential barriers to plan implementation.

Overcoming Barriers (no more than 150 words)

Discussion on how these barriers can be overcome.

Conclusion (no more than 75 words)

Your conclusion should restate the main idea of your paper or thesis statement, summarize your paper, and leave an interesting final impression.
























Appendix Section (please review guidelines for APA 6th edition for appendix section)

In the appendix section you will have your Developed tools necessary to educate project participants and Developed assessment tool(s) necessary to evaluate project outcomes. (powerpoint educational module, surveys, pamphlet, etc.)

To help you embed your developed tools view the link below:


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