Evaluate system implementation and post-implementation systems requirements….

The aim of this assignment is to produce a requirements document that captures the
functional requirements for an information system that supports the current needs of
the Holmes Hair management system as defined later in the Case Study Description.
This is a business report and should be written accordingly i.e. directed to the
customer who is “Holmes Hair”. It should reflect your understanding of the tasks
Students will be able to:
2) Evaluate system implementation and post implementation systems
3) Identify, critically analyse and investigate the process of exploring problem
areas in a given context
4) Apply analysis and modelling techniques in the context of practical problems,
discuss alternative models and solutions
5) Apply problem solving and object oriented design skills to build a simple
systems prototype
6) Understand the ICT profession in systems analysis and design
8) Review and describe the major legal and ethical issues with respect to
systems analysis and design

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