Ethical Theories Worksheet

Ethical Theories Worksheet


Part One

Propose a solution to the following scenario using each of the five ethical theories presented in this module. Explain how your solution aligns with the major ideas within each theory.


Scenario: There is a pandemic of a contagious disease. In the United States, there is only enough of the vaccine to cover 70% of the population. How do you determine who gets the vaccine?


Theory Solution
a. Utilitarianism  
b. Rights-based ethics  
c. Duty-based ethics  
d. Justice-based ethics  
e. Virtue-based ethics  



Part Two

Consider the same scenario, but explain what process you would need to add to your solution to protect the bioethics principles.


Principle Solution
a. Autonomy  
b. Beneficence  
c. Nonmalfeasance  
d. Justice  

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