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Topic: essay 2
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You are going to “invest” in some art in a purely hypothetical fashion. This assignment is intended to give you a feel for what it would be like to invest in art.
Format your work to look like you are an art dealer and I am your client.
My name is Pierre Stee; I am a 42 year old cheese maker. I was born and raised in France, but now I live in Wisconsin, giving private wine and cheese parties for wealthy people. I am looking to invest in art for the room where I meet with clients to set up these parties.
I am commissioning you to invest $70,000 in art from the time period 1900-1920 to add to my personal collection. It is up to you to find art that will hold its value, that is certified, and that you think I will like. Remember, I am getting 20 other offers to invest my $70,000, so you have to be convincing that what you have found is what I should spend my money on.
Please explain why you have picked what you have – include pictures if possible. You do not have to pick one item worth $69,800 – you can pick several smaller items if you think they are a good deal. You must include links to the works of art to go with your descriptions, prices and justification for why I would want this work of art.
PLEASE DO NOT BID ON ANYTHING! Remember, too, that I’ll be grading this assignment based on thoroughness and thoughtfulness. Just a few sentences will not suffice here. You’re investing a lot of money, so you need to include a lot of reasoning.
You have $70,000 fictitious dollars to spend.
You are required to investigate art on a REAL art auction site. Ebay is NOT an art auction house – but their Sotheby’s link is. Don’t forget smaller ones – Art Deco or Modernism sites, for instance. A good jumping off point, courtesy of Jeff E in the Spring 06 class:
The art that you invest in must be from the time period covered in this module; roughly 1900 to 1920. Please make sure that the art you choose for the assignment comes from the correct time period.
You are investing for a French cheese maker in his 40’s and you have to tell me why you are picking the things that you are. Spend some time finding things that a wealthy French cheese maker would like to display in order to impress his clients. Don’t grab the first three things that total $70,000.
Hint: The art work that you invest in does NOT have to be a painting or a sculpture. There is more to the ‘art’ world than paintings and sculptures. Maybe you want to invest in a fabulous wine display rack for your client that was hand carved in the Art Deco style. Maybe you have found an incredible and complete wine glass set that was hand-blown in Venice in 1920. It is up to you to find things for our client that he will like, that will fit his job and life style, and date to the correct time period. I would actually prefer it if you would look around a bit and not limit yourself to paintings.
Here are a couple of excellent examples of what I’m looking for.
Sample assignment #1
Sample assignment #2

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