ehavioral Sciences and the Law

behavioral Sciences and the Law

NURS 202 Nursing Care Plan

Nursing Assessment



Nursing Diagnosis

(NANDA, Maslow)






Nursing Interventions



Nursing Evaluation



Subjective data: “I feel depressed, anxiety, and afraid when a stranger walk behind me”.


Objective data:

Utilizing self-assessment, the data collected shows that stress management was the lowest. Health promoting lifestyle profile instrument score in stress management was the lowest during the assessment of 2.1











Rape-trauma syndrome as evidence by

a patient struggling with fear ,depression , and anxiety.


I will get out to professional counselor to help me manage my emotional traumatic experience.


I will talk to my family and close friends about my flashbacks and nightmares.


I will seek some therapeutic solution such as meditation and praying.





It has been shown (Burgess, 1983), that the practical base approached of a raped victim is seeking medical help immediately.


I will frequently do meditation and exercises.

I will l attend counseling and health education.

I will do an hour meditation and prayers for seven days a week








I would assess myself every assess six months from now on to see if the nursing outcomes and interventions was effective.

I will write a diary of my outcomes and evaluate whether I have improved emotional throughout my counseling session.



However, if the outcomes was not met, I would reevaluate the interventions.













Burgess, A. W. (1983). Behavioral Sciences & the LawAmerican Psychological Assoc,1(3), 97–113. doi:10.1002/bsl.2370010310

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