effects of LTM on VSTM consolidation speed

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Activity: To Cite or not to Cite

Select the following passages from Xie and Zhang (2017) that require a citation.


1. A recent study has demonstrated higher VSTM capacity in participants with faster consolidation than participants with slower consolidation.


2. Is it thus possible that the previously reported effects of LTM on VSTM capacity could stem from effects of LTM on VSTM consolidation speed?


3. The present findings are consistent with the consolidation speed effects and capacity effects previously reported in different studies.


4. More importantly, the present study has taken a step further and demonstrated the empirical and theoretical relationships between the consolidation speed effect and the capacity effect.



Select the following passages from Baum (2010) that require a citation.


5. Some studies using a related procedure outside the purview of this article, oncurrent-chain schedules, changed the schedules every day and measured rapid changes in preference both across and within sessions.


6. In two earlier papers, I argued that all behavior is choice, because every situation permits more than one activity.


7. If such small-scale regularities exist, then matching might be derivable from them, but those small-scale regularities might not be derivable from the matching relation.


8. Thus, applied problems may require intervention on a relatively long time scale as a practical matter, and interventions on a small time scale might actually prove less effective.

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