Eastern Gateway Community College Social Work Degree Policies The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Social Work prepares students for the social work profession. The curriculum is designed to p

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Eastern Gateway Community CollegeSocial Work Degree Policies

The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Social Work prepares students for the social workprofession. The curriculum is designed to provide the educational background necessary to enablestudents to pursue further social work education earning a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, or thegraduate may stop with an associate degree and assist Licensed Social Workers. Students whograduate with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Social Work may work as social workassistants, depending on state criteria and requirements. The curriculum at EGCC for socialwork is similar to the first two years of institutions offering a Bachelor of Science or Artsdegree curriculum for social work in many colleges and/or universities. Social Workerstypically work with children, adults, families, correction facilities, probation departments,mental health facilities and many other social service-type agencies. One is not a social workerwith only an associate degree, but one may assist social workers who are involved inassessment, referral, initial screening, helping with case management, outreach, preventionservices and community programs or development. Some states allow people with an associatedegree to get registered in the state as social work assistants. Ohio allows for registered socialwork assistants.Program Goals or Outcomes:.Understand the influence of culture, family, religion, social class and government onindividuals and society..Prepare students into an early introduction to generalist social work practice..Understand the influence of society and government on social work policy.. Learn to respect the dignity of a person from all cultural backgrounds.. Understand the historical development of the social work profession up to current times..To gain practical experience in a social service agency by completing 200 clock hours ofinternship work during the student’s last semester of coursework.

Degree RequirementsStudents must complete 64 semester credits following the Social Work Program Grid. In order tograduate with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Social Work the student must receive aC or better in every course on the social work grid.Social Work Policy Review

Please review the Social Work Policies document.

After reading the Social Work Policies document:

1. Do you see any barriers to continuing with the social work program based upon the Social Work Policies document?

2. Do you see any potential challenges to paying for and getting a background check and drug test?

3. Do you see any potential hardships in securing a practicum?

4. Do you think you will have any hardships with:

  • Paying for a background test and drug test
  • Getting a background test and drug test
  • Passing a background test and drug test (no felony charges and negative drug test)
  • Securing and attending 200 hours or an in person practicum

5. How will you overcome the challenges above?)

6. Are there any other majors at EGCC other than social work that you are considering after reviewing the Social Work Policies?

The paper should be approximately one page and include high-quality writing. Please include a title page and double-check all spelling and grammar prior to submitting.


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