Do all 1.Please upload ONLY your Chunked Instructions for grading. I DO NOT want the finished product. If, however, you have already inserted your graphics, please don’t delete them to submit. I wi

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Do all

1.Please upload ONLY your Chunked Instructions for grading.  I DO NOT want the finished product.  If, however, you have already inserted your graphics, please don’t delete them to submit.  I will simply ignore the graphics.

After you receive my feedback, add your graphics (if not already done so), polish the Chunked Instructions, and post the file in the Discussion Board.  You will peer review the person you has posted after you on the Discussion Board, so you may need to come back to download their file.  Within 24 hours of their post, or before noon on 11/14/22, you must reply to their post and upload your completed Useability Test Form.  This form will be graded.

2.Project 2 – Step D

In the final step of Project 2, you are going to test one of your peer’s instructions. In order to complete this final step, you will need to complete the specific steps below.  You will be responsible for reviewing the instructions posted immediately after yours in the discussion board. Students who do not follow this instruction will not receive credit for this assignment.  Your review must be saved, and then posted as a reply to the person for whom you are reviewing.  This must be done withing 24 hours of posting your instructions, but no later than noon on 11/15/22.

Steps to complete Project 2 – Step D4

  • Download the instructions submitted by the student who posted immediately after you in the discussion board.

    • You can print the instructions or open the instructions side by side with the application window necessary to complete the task
  • Download the “Usability Test Form” document from the lesson
  • Have The Usability Test Form open in a word doc because you will write your comments as your are reviewing each step.

    • Do not read all the instructions before beginning.
    • Think out loud, narrating each step, asking questions, and offering suggestions as they arise.
    • If a step is missing, note the missing step and attempt to continue.
    • If you cannot continue after attempting to resolve the issue for 1 minute, state the last step you were able to complete in your report.
  • Save your Useability Test Form, and upload the it as a reply post to the author of the instructions you are reviewing.  Upload this form within 24 hours of his/her posting.

3.ENGL 2311 Process Description – Project 2 Process descriptions or instructions are deceptively simple. Well-written instructions are functional art that makes the user feel intelligent, capable, and competent. Poorly written instructions cause frustration, loss of productivity, and potentially a loss of money for companies. For your second project, you will create a set of instructions for a future TCC student that guides them systematically through completing a necessary online or computer-based task (selected from the sign-up sheet in this lesson). A. Conduct Research, which may include 1. Searching in google 2. Search within any MS office product 3. Ask a librarian or other person in the know on Campus 4. You may not cite any source material while completing this activity. B. Write Instructions 1. Using your own knowledge and information from your research, write a set of instructions for your assigned task. 2. You must have a minimum of 10 steps in your instructions. 3. You must have transitions between each of the steps. (Google a list of sequencing transitions.) C. Insert Custom-made Graphics (charts/images/screenshots) 1. You may not merely copy these from the internet. You must create your own. 2. If you use images, these must be screenshots or photographs you have taken. 3. You must have at least two custom-made graphics. 4. If your instructions are technical and need more graphics, you are allowed to have more than two; however, be careful that you don’t have more pictures than instructions. Not everyone is a visual learner. D. Send your finished product to a classmate for editing without any explanations. 1. He or she should be able to follow your directions unaided. 2. This will be done through the discussion board. Please make sure you follow all directions listed there. 5. Editors: You must return your editing/written comments in the discussion board within 24 hours of the person’s post, not from the time you posted. E. Make corrections and complete Final Draft The structure, instructional steps, graphics, and other ideas must all be your own. The final result for Project 2 is a polished process description for a future TCC student to help them successfully complete a process useful to any online student. Due dates: Step B: 11/11/22 before noon Step D: 11/14/22 before noon Step E: 11/16/22 before noon

Do all 1.Please upload ONLY your Chunked Instructions for grading. I DO NOT want the finished product. If, however, you have already inserted your graphics, please don’t delete them to submit. I wi
Instructions for using the TCC library to conduct research Kerillos Qodas 11-14-22 Introduction Does the report have a list of Definitions or Descriptions? Yes If yes, did you understand the Definitions or Descriptions? Yes, I did, it was clear and nicely written. If no, did you feel the instructions were better understood if there has been Definitions or Descriptions? Methodology Include a summary about how you completed the test. Include details such as Your familiarity with the topic of the instructions The browser or software version used Any tools used Steps that needed more clarification Anything that was not totally clear. If you had to figure it out, you need to let the author know this. You may also include any issues you encountered that impacted the method used to complete the test here (internet issues, power outage, etc.) I have used the research tool provided by the TCC library, so I am familiar with the topic. In order to proceed with the instructions, I used google chrome. I had some trouble with this second bullet point. Once I opened up the TCC library page, I had no Idea where to go next. You told me that the third step is to determine what field I will look into. However, I already have that figured out because in the 2nd bullet point, you told me the same thing. (2nd bullet point) Due to this unclarity and repetitiveness, I cannot continue even after attempting to solve the issue for over one minute. The last step that I was able to complete was opening the library it self. Results Include your score on a scale of 1-5 (1 meaning very hard to understand and 5 meaning very easily understood) for the following measures: The purpose of the instructions was easy to understand – 1 The steps were easy to follow – 1 The organization was well thought out – 1 The graphics were effective – 1 Recommendations In this section you recommend any changes that could improve the document, additional graphics, word choice, etc. I highly suggest redoing the majority of your assignment. You are telling me the process of doing research, not telling me how to use the actual tools provided by TCC. You should tell me step by step how and where to click on the actual page in order to use the tools. You are also missing graphics. I suggest following the project rubrics and adding at least two custom made graphics. The third bullet point is one point that needs to have a graphic, in my opinion. Lastly, you need to organize your structure. In my opinion, it would be much better if you left align your bullet points and also replace them with numbers. The bolding makes it look aggressive, tone it down a bit and underline the “headers”. Also, you are telling me to do too many steps in one line. Break your steps down and use bullet points. Lastly, I noticed that you repeated your self many different times. You can remove a lot of unnecessary text by just being more clear and efficient. Modified from “Report Template: Usability Test” from

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