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Discussion Questions for BUS 300: Public Relations
Academic Level: Bachelor
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When you answer these questions please title them as I have so I’ll know where to apply the answers. Use two pages for each week for eg. 2 p
for week 6, 2 pages for week 7 and 2 pages for week 8.
Week 6 Discussion 1
Demonstrating Social Responsibility. Please respond to the following:
0 Imagine you are the owner of a new business in your city. You expect to operate your business using the highest standards of social responsi
Elaborate about and justify the ways you plan to fulfill this social responsibility.
0 Two years after you begin your business, a reporter discovers that your business has not lived up to the promises you made initially to
demonstrate concern for the environment. Explain how you would use community relations to minimize the damage to your reputation.
Week 6 Discussion 2
Government and Public Relations. Please respond to the following:
0 Based on the second e-Activity, describe the government action you chose that received wide publicity at the national. state. or local level in
government officials used public relations. Briefly explain the events, and delineate how public relations measures were used to influence publi
opinion about the events.
0 The United States plays a major role in world affairs. Based on the second e-Activity, explain in detail how the federal government used public
generate public support for a policy it was about to embark on. Analyze whether and why this publicity was either effective or ineffective.
Week 6 eActivity 1
0 Visit the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile Website at htth//familyflrst.com/the-oscar-mayer-weinermobile-home-page.html to learn how Oscar Mey
used the vehicle as a community-relations device.
Week 6 eActivity 2
0 Research on the Internet an example of how the US. government used publicity to generate support for a new policy. Be prepared to discussWeek 7 Discussion 1
Winning Back Customers. Please respond to the following:
Imagine you owned a retail store that recently implemented a new policy that many customers did not like. Although you thought the new policy
would improve profits. it is actually driving customers away. Propose some ways you might use public relations to win back those customers.
A consumer activist group has taken aim at the policies of your business. You feel that the criticisms are not valid. Suggest how you might use
public relations to convince your customers that the claims of the activist group are not correct.
Week 7 Discussion 2
Using PR Internationally. Based on the second e-Activity. answer the following questions:
Firms that do business internationally must often use public relations in multiple countries simultaneously. Choose two foreign countries and one
issue a business might need to address in both countries. Explain in detail at least three factors that will cause your public relations plans in these
countries to vary.
A manufacturer in Asia or Europe is planning to introduce a new product for sale in the United States. Identify and describe the three most
important things the manufacturer needs to learn about the US. in order to develop an effective public relations plan for the product introduction.
Week 7 eActivity 1
Visit the Ronald McDonald Website at http://www.ronald.com/ to learn how McDonald’s uses this mascot to relate to consumers of all ages.
Week 7 eActivity 2
Choose one large multinational corporation that operates in a number of countries to learn how its public relations activities differ from country to
country. Examples of multinational corporations include General Electric. Nissan. Nestle. Exxoanlobil. and Siemens.
Week 8 Discussion 1
Analyze the effective press release you selected and describe the features that make it successful. Online – (Daritazi SuppWeek 8 Discussion 1
Analyze the effective press release you selected and describe the features that make it successful.
Analyze the ineffective press release you selected and describe how you would change it to make it successful by making at least two specific
recommendations for improvement.
Week 8 Discussion 2
You are directing the public relations campaign for a business that you patronize regularly- In an effort to get a newspaper reporter interested in
doing a story about your business. you plan to write a pitch letter to entice the interest of the reporter. Choose one type of pitch that you think would
be most effective for this business. Explain in detail why you think this would be the most effective pitch type.
Choose any other type of pitch letter (see “The Pitch Letter” in Chapter 16) and explain why it would NOT work for the campaign you are
Week 8 eActivity
Research on PR Newswire (at http://www.prnewswire-com/) to find one EFFECTIVE (for example. well-written. striking. timely. engaging. persuasive.
etc.) press release and one INEFFECTIVE (for example. poorly written. dull. irrelevant. boring. and not persuasive) press release. Be prepared to


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