discussion board post on resistance and newtons first law of motion

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  • Question 1: Firing a gun into the air. Suppose a bullet is fired straight upwards and that it leaves the barrel of the gun at 200 m/s. Neglecting air resistance, how fast will it be going when it comes down? What will happen to a person who happens to be where the bullet comes down?
  • Question 2: Same question as above, but – one approach to solving problems is to start with an “idealized case”. In the question above we made the approximation that air resistance was negligible, then we say, “What happens if we make the situation less ideal?”
  • Question 8: State Newton’s first law of motion and give an example of what it means.

Your initial response to this week’s discussion should be well-written in your own words, paraphrasing from your sources. You must also cite at least one credible academic reference source in text and provide full end ref information in APA format. The initial post must be at least 300-400 words


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