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The question involves the two readings given below. (on liberty by mill, and letters from Birmingham jail by King)

Imagine that the two philosophers (authors of the readings) meet and have a philosophical conversation. Write a dramatic dialogue in which you create their conversation. Your dialogue must communicate that you understand at least three of thebasic concepts from each of the two textual readings (not facts about the philosophers thatyou learn from the text). Your dialogue should have the philosophers discuss ideas—not facts. Do not use direct quotes—explain the ideas in your own words (which become their words in the dialogue). Be sure to explain the ideas; don’t just mention the ideas. Do not piece together direct quotes from the readings to create your dialogue—explain the ideas in your own words (which become their words in the dialogue). Do not plagiarize—do not copy direct quotes from the readings or any source without using both quotation marks and citations. Be creative—describe the setting in which the philosophers meet and have their conversation. Make the conversation itself creative. You may have the philosophers discuss any issue, but you must incorporate philosophical ideas from the readings into the discussion. Do keep in mind the grammatical and composition skills, as well as creativity and critical thinking.

this should be a threepage dialogue paper and a onepage cover letter–at least four pages of writing.

Write your dialogue in script format. Use the speaker’s name followed by a colon and then followed by the words she/he says. Each time the speaker changes list the speaker’s name followed by a colon and then the words she/he says. You are explaining the philosophers’ ideas in your own words.

Since you are using script format, you do not need to put the speaker’s words in quotation marks. If there is one or two short quotes that are too rich not to use then you must put the quote in quotation marks and parenthetically cite the page from which it is taken. Should you use another source for any reason, be sure to cite the source and create a Works Cited page.

Cover Letter—Attach a cover letter, written in business letter format, to your dialogue. Your cover letter should explain why you have chosen to write about the philosophers you have chosen and why you selected the topic and setting you have chosen for your dialogue. It should also include a list of ideas (in bulleted format) that will be presented in the dialogue—identify which ideas belong to which philosophers.Remember you need three ideas for each philosopher for a total of six ideas woven into the dialogue.

I will provide the format for the cover letter later:

the readings links: https://www.utilitarianism.com/ol/one.html


if you don’t prefer these two readings and have some other in your mind, let me know asap


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