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This is from my professor. Please respond to this discussion:

Sonja. Thanks for your reply to Carly. I am interested in how observations are conducted in the classroom and for what purpose. Thus, we do tend to rely on general observations it seems more time than not to gather that “gut call” per student learning and engagement. Still, we both know that observations can be formalized per checklists or indicators (look for’s) to determine the quality and quantity of variables being observed. Thoughts? respond to this question from the professor:

This is what I posted to Carly Discussion:ICarly Post: In my opinion using teacher evaluations, observations, and data on learner performance to modify and adjust my instruction is research. Our principal observes us one to 3 times a year depending on the year. She does this to collect information and data on how we are teaching, interacting, planning, and overall how we are helping our students to learn. This information then leads to our teacher evaluations. We get our teacher evaluations at the end of the school year and that helps us to better understand how we as teachers are doing. Our principal collects data throughout the year and presents it to us at the end of the year, which to me is our principal researching us and making sure we are doing what we should be doing and helping us to see where we can improve. I collect data on my students every day in order to better understand them academically and behaviorally. I look at the data and adjust the things that are not working to help my students to be more successful. To me this is informal research, it is research without all the paperwork and the guidelines. I believe that we do so much informal research throughout the day that we are unaware of such as which type of bread or chicken we are going to buy at the grocery store.

Please respond to this post: R Discussion Question 2

A highly developed educator is always using their teacher evaluations, observations, and data on learner performance to modify and adjust instruction regularly. Teachers strive to be their best to help their students improve their academic success. These are all aspects to the everyday life a teacher, which is their informal research that is undertaken daily in the classroom. Teacher evaluations also prove helpful because having an outside person looking in on your lesson, it can give you a different perspective as to how your lesson went. Research does not always have to be formally set up with a specific question, participants and methodology.What makes it a type of research, is that the results will be used to guide instruction. The results of these research findings may be shared with colleagues rather than being published in a journal. Students are always showing growth in different areas of instruction. With the use of data and reflections on how lessons are being presented, lessons can be differentiated toward those learners.

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