consumers and marketing 1

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INSTRUCTIONS: Using AT LEAST 300 words per response (not including your reference list), respond to the following questions using materials provided and Scholarly sources as references. PLEASE INCLUDE PAGE NUMBERS

1. Think of an important or expensive product or service you purchased recently. Describe the cognitive decision process involved in your recent purchase. Of the three categories of consumer decision making, cognitive, habitual, or affective, which kind did you use and why?

2.Discuss the role function of a family financial officer. What might a marketing firm do to discover who the FFO is in a family? What strategies might be used to reach this person? Why is the role of the FFO changing over time?

3. Discuss the two dimensions that determine whether we will react positively or negatively to a purchase environment? Could these apply to the online purchase environment as well? Explain.

4. What are LOHAS? What would LOHAS think about green marketing and why? What would they think about greenwashing? Discuss one company you associate with green marketing and then discuss one you are skeptical of due to greenwashing.

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