education inequality

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TASK: Select a form of social inequality AND build a presentation (Powerpoint) that explains how the form of social inequality impacts people. PROCESS: 1. (powerpoint) presentation 2. Post your presentation to BlackBoard Make sure you: • Use the relevant course concepts in your presentation • Address how one theoretical school of thought (structural-functionalism, conflict theory, or symbolic interactionism) would interpret the example of social inequality • Support your presentation with references to the readings, lecture notes, and the multimedia links and material from the course • Organize your presentation well, there should be a flow and structure to the order of the slides and the content of each slide should be carefully laid out. Remember to include visuals • List any readings, websites, or other materials you referenced on your presentation somewhere as a bibliography or “list of works cited” (do not include citations for the lecture notes) • Rely primarily on the lecture notes, readings, class discussions, and multimedia material included in the course for your sources, since you are being asked to demonstrate your mastery of this material • Make sure you compress all images (screen readable is fine) and keep the file under 10MB. • After people have posted their projects, you are encouraged to return to the Discussion Board and look at the projects other students posted. GRADING: Your project will be evaluated based on: • How completely and effectively you identify and analyze a form of social inequality • How effectively you demonstrate an understanding of the relevant course concepts, lectures, readings, and other course material • How creatively, dynamically and effectively you communicate in a multimedia format.

The topic of the power point should be about educatoin inequality. I have attached power points for help and on how the layout of the presentation should be like

make sure to attach a minimum of three sources

the power point must include effect visual content

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