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Pick 2 of the six Joint Commission’s six critical aspects of emergency response. Describe them and provide supporting documentation on why they are defined as critical by the Joint Commission

I want you to wirte the post no more than 350 words with APA style.

for following section I want response for each post no more than 120 word with APA style refrance. no questions for them or disagreement.

post 1


Communication is imperative in emergency management. Disaster response is multifaceted and complicated. The Joint Commission emphasizes documentation of communication attempts with emergency management stakeholders. It encourages communication with first catastrophe responders. The documentation approaches influence successful emergency management. Effective communication enables information dissemination essential for emergency management.

Timely and reliable information exchange enable adequate decision making. Information can be gathered from residents, the media, other emergency management agencies, and responders. Resulting information inflow should be studied, confirmed, and prioritized for timely and effective emergency response and recovery (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, 2003). Moreover, information dissemination should be credible and well-timed to reduce potential injuries and loss of lives. Communication also helps people to comprehend the extent of an emergency and affected areas. Planning and training on communication increase the capability of stakeholders to receive and convey information.

Resources and Assets

Emergency responders should have access to resources and assets required to provide necessary services. Good crisis management plans outline the procedures used to obtain and replenish medical and non-medical supplies. The resources and assets needed by emergency responders include firefighters, ambulances, medics, drivers, fire tracks, bedding, medicine, medical equipment, and food (“7 Key Areas,” 2015). Inadequate resources have adverse consequences, especially in severe accidents. Successful rescue attempts are influenced by the availability of adequate resources


Healthcare sector needs to be always prepared for any emergency that might occur on the premises. To be prepared means keeping the continuity of offering services move on smoothly. The joint commission provides several aspects of dealing with an emergency. These aspects are said to be critical because in case of their absence the employees may fail to execute their duties during the time of emergency. Strong aspects of dealing with emergencies portray good leadership in the institution

The first critical aspect is the utility management. Utilities in the healthcare sector are items that keep the provision of services keep going forward. The joint commission provides that the emergency plan need to have alternatives to such tools (Mullen, 2013). For example, electricity is a vital utility that runs all the processes in the hospital. A power failure may disrupt many activities in the facility. Therefore, the hospital needs to over generators that will substitute electricity power failure. The machines used need to total inspections more often and if they can have more machines, they will be of importance during an emergency.

The second aspect is the patient clinical and support activities. This is a critical aspect during an emergency because the facility that has good trackers of their patients can use this technology to track patients sheltered in the facility during an emergency (Patient Support Services 2008). It is vital to organize the staff that will cover each department to ensure that the base is well protected. In case of an emergency, the organization can safely evacuate the patients to a safe place since they have their records.

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