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Return to the Discussion post that you made at the beginning of this module. Taking what you have learned about the scientific method, redesign your experiment, making sure that you are carefully following the steps of the scientific method. You should also consider the feedback that you received from your peers. If there were a lot of questions about your experimental design, likely you did not provide enough of that information the first time around.

Then… do the experiment! Remember, it should not take you more than 20-30 minutes to perform. If it does, you may need to consider starting from scratch.

Once you’ve done your experiment, you should write a post in the Discussion forum about your experiment. You should tell your peers about your experiment, and provide the results of your experiment. Make sure that you are carefully indicating the steps of the scientific method as you go!

This is the experiment I picked and put it in a power point

Making a Rainbow

I would like to do an experiment on making a rainbow. The requirements for the experiment include water, a glass, sunlight, and a paper.

Below is the procedure:

I. Put water in the glass and go to a room that has some sun-light, probably close to the window.

II.Hold a glass containing water above the paper. You should be careful not to split the paper.

III.Now observe. You can see the sun-light passing through that glass of water, refracted or bends to create a rainbow as an arc on the sheet of paper. The rainbow formed has colors like the normal rainbow that appears in the sky.

IV.You can as well try to hold the glass containing water at different angles and heights with the same procedure as above to notice if there may be any differences.

Note: The rainbow is usually formed on the sky if the sunlight is refracted or bends when passing through the rain-drops. This is what exactly occurs when the sunlight is passing through the glass of water. Refraction takes place and separates the sunlight into different colors; blue, green, red, yellow, orange, indigo and violet. Sometimes one can notice this in a mist of a waterfall or in a water fountain.

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