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Health educator is one of the primary duties of a nurse. When patients come to the hospital, they are becoming because they “do not know” what is going on with them. Nurses play a vital role in thoroughly assessing the patient to assist the physician with determining a diagnosis, educating on their diagnosis, which is sometimes includes a new diagnosis for them, educating on the treatment and medications, and educating on the medications and recovery.

When developing tailored care plans for patients, a nurse must initially consider their ability to understand the education, and if the nurse does not feel that the patient can understand thoroughly, a family member or caregiver will need to be involved in the care plan. Also, nurses will need to assess the current knowledge that the patient has about the topic. This may be the diagnosis, treatment, medications, procedures, recovery, etc. Speak is layman’s terms and always ask the patient/caregiver to reciprocate the teaching back to you. The patient’s demographics and resources will be helpful in determining the care plan and the discharge plan. Education must start upon admission and continue throughout the care until discharge. Along with educating on getting medication filled, times to take them, etc., discharge education must include signs and symptoms to report that may be from an exacerbation of their disease processes. (Lippincott Solutions, 2017)

Behavioral objectives should always be utilized in a care plan. Every patient has stressors, barriers, and many display behaviors while in the hospital, such as depression and anxiety. As a psychiatric nurse, I realize the importance of a holistic treatment plan that includes all body systems.


Lippincott Solutions. (2017, August 23). 5 Strategies for Providing Effective Patient Education. Retrieved from Calling the Shots:…

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