develop an apa formatted 4 full page essay that draws from your personal experiences

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Experiential learning is a method of educating through first-hand experiences, skills, and knowledge. Experiential learning includes four main elements:

When writing your essay, ensure you follow the below criteria:

 The project should be personally meaningful and have some significance to you

 Reflect on and discuss your concrete experience throughout the essay

 Ensure to involve yourself as a whole person, including your senses, personality, and emotions

 Utilize your previous knowledge on the below subject matter

Develop your essay around one of these questions

1. Three qualities measure good teamwork, identity, cohesion, and climate. How do you as a leader, build effective teams in your organization while identifying the signs of ineffective teams and change the behaviors associated with ineffective teams?

2, The fundamentals of leader development simplify and span the formal leader development activities. Following the fundamentals for leader development, how have you developed others?

3. Conceptual abilities enable effective problem solving and sound judgment before implementing concepts and plans. Critical thinking is an essential component of a leader’s intellect, while the leader anticipates the second – and third order effects of their actions. How have you as a leader utilized the conceptual components of leader intellect to enable effective problem solving?

4. How have you, as a Noncommissioned officer, adapted, enacted, and provided a positive and cohesive working environment while facing multi-faceted cultural changes (gender transformation, integration of females in combat arms, etc.) of our Armed Forces?

Your essay must include a Title page, Abstract, and Reference page. (Title page, Abstract, and Reference page do not count toward your 4 full pages of content)

 Include an introduction and conclusion in the body of your essay.

 Your essay must follow the APA 6th edition guidelines.

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