ecological context essay 2

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Heather Rogers offers her perspective on the ecological state of trash disposed of in America. She asks us to rexamine the waste disposal technologies that we currently employ.

-what arguments are made by Heather Rogers?

-What enviormental concerns does she raise?

-Gather some context that helps you to further your understanding of the modern trash issues of today. Look up Lars Eigner while you’re at it.

Lars Eighner writes from a more personal perspective as he shares memories from his time as a scavenger in America. He also questions the current norms in this country in terms of consumerism and wastefulness.

-Does your perspective of Lars Eighner’s lifestyle change when you adopt Roger’s ecological Position? Explain Why or Why not.

-Has any of your own contextual research affected your perception of Lars Eighner? Explain why or why not.

-How do both authors contribute to the conversation about man’s ecological impact ont his planet?

Use atleast two outside sources to support your analysis.

Secondly- Create 3 bibliography’s for this assignment on DUMPSTER DIVING and other waste and disposal articles, that you may use in this paper, for example the two other outside sources you will use. ( I have attached a example of a classmates, please use it as a reference).

Thirdly- I have attached the articles for both Heather Rogers & Lars Eighner. The paper will be based off both those articles that you will read. Please let me know if you need anything else.

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