case study integration of it in the business plan

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Case Study: Integration of IT in the Business Plan

Significant amount of work dedicated this week to working on the first part of the mini case.Having completed a plan last week that included the timeline, major components that need to be written, deliverables, and responsible parties assigned to parts of the project, you are now ready to complete the first two sections of your case study.

A.Introduction to the problem – What are the parameters or limitations of the situation?

B.Background on the company – Where is it, how big, organizational structure, political climate, etc.You should have several paragraphs of written material so that your readers can really get a feel for the organization.Include the main features of the organization that make it unique.

C. Core analysis – Contains information relevant to the decision at hand.

D. Status report – Describes the organizations actions on the matter; may include statements from managers, employees, vendors on their intentions for resolving the issues.

E. Case conclusion – 4 to 6 problems that require the reader to analyze or solve a particular question.If you have written a good case, they will have enough information to understand the situation and have a lively class discussion.The case problems can take several forms – Given a situation, ask the reader what they would do next; Establish a task and ask the reader to prepare a report recommending an action to be reviewed by a key stakeholder; Establish a scenario and ask the reader to analyze the errors and how it should have been handled.

F. Other sections of the case – Depending on the case you are researching and writing, the sections of the case will need to be organized so that each type of information is in its own section and understandable to the reader. You might not use all the sections described above, but certainly, your case study will need to consider the challenges relating to the Information Systems field.

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