conduct an analysis of the situation

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op Secret, Inc. (TSI) is a successful operating system company whose customers include Fortune 500 companies, governments th roughout the world, and major U.S. contractors. TSI makes embedded operating systems for secure terminals that control ingress/egress control systems for Wall S treet firms, camera systems for drone aircraft for government contractors, and alarm systems for top-secret government installations. TSI operating systems are world- renowned for their quick response to sensor input, highly reliable operation, limited memory utilization, small size on disk, and low power consumption.

Create a short paper that includes the following critical elements in this assignment:

  1. 1) A description of the business-related challenges faced by the organization
  2. 2) One example of a case study that discusses similar challenges faced by organizations with constraints related to the lack of features listed in Table 1, or
  3. 3) If you work in the information technology field, describe any similar operating-system-related challenges faced by your organization, or
  4. 4) A description of how any of the features listed in Table 1 or a lack thereof would play a role in your productivity at work or school.

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