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Learning Outcomes

Consistent with the course objective: students will “develop a Capstone Project reflecting the norms of scientific research”, this assignment aims to have students demonstrate the following:

  1. formulate a clear research question or statement of research problem that is well justified. Please review Module 1 and Module 2 as both modules contain notes designed to help you start your research on the right path.
  2. Demonstrate the following four parts in your research question or statement of problem: deterministic or cause and effect logic, express interdisciplinarity, convey inclusion or exclusion, and address the “so what” issue.


By the due date and time you are to have submitted to me an approved topic and a preliminary research question or statement of problem for your Capstone Project.

Your preliminary research question or statement of problem should reflect the following desirable characteristics:

  1. It displays deterministic thinking (i.e., it expresses a problem where you endeavor to identify and examine the causes of that problem).
  2. It reflects interdisciplinarity (i.e., it expresses and identifies the multiple academic disciplines that will be applied to the Capstone Project).
  3. It is limited in its scope (i.e., it expresses what will or will not be included in the Capstone Project).
  4. It addresses the “so what” question (i.e., it makes clear that recommendations and strategies to address the causes of the problem will be made).

The submission must be APA formatted and well written.

Between now and the due date, you need to have sufficiently communicated with me so that I will be aware of what you are submitting for formal approval. You should communicate with me via Canvas e-mail, phone, or face-to-face office visit so we may discuss your ideas, develop them and position you to upload and submit a solid topic for formal approval and a good start to your statement of problem/research question.

For the above due date, you will prepare a one page double-spaced typed document for submission. The submission should be accompanied by an APA formatted cover page and Abstract (see my handout under Module 4 titled Capstone Project Cover Page and Abstract Formatting Guide).

Your work should be submitted as one MS-Word or pdf file.

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