complete 6 very short disc questions

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1: For this week’s discussion you have two discussion question options but only have to post about one, but make sure you expand fully on that question.

Question A

After reading the article mentioned about 25 skills identify two or three points that really stood out to you on the list. Why did they stand out? Why are they important for public speaking? Would you look for these skills when analyzing and critiquing other speakers? Were there any points you did not consider as part of public speaking? Give us your thoughts!

Question B

Most audience members form an opinion of a speaker during the first minute of his/her speech. But how do we determine what makes a speech good… or bad? This week, we’ll look at an example of public speaking, and we’ll dissect it thoroughly. What did you like? What didn’t you like? Evaluate it multiple ways: watch the speaker’s mannerisms, gesturing, posture and eye contact. Watch a second time and critically analyze the content by seeing which skills the speaker used from our list in the article about the 25 Skills.

(YouTube Video: Permission granted by Patricia Fripp,

Please watch this short video, then share your thoughts and reactions in the discussion board. Be specific in your observations.


In your initial post…

Explain how you see the relationship between the three elementary row operations performed on an augmented matrix and the operations that lead to equivalent systems of equations. What advantages do you see in converting a system of equations to an equivalent augmented matrix? Research a particular application of matrices explaining how a matrix is used. Based on what you have selected think about the three operations of addition, scalar multiplication, and matrix multiplication. Can you describe what the results actually mean? Note that in some applications some of these operations may not have meaning. If that is the case, explain why.


There are many, many codes in the ICD-10-CM Chapter 20 entitled External Causes of Morbidity and Mortality. Begin by defining morbidity and mortality. Secondly, find a code or category of codes that you find humorous and tell why you think that code is funny.



What are some of the various eligibility criteria needed in order to be covered under Tricare? What types of benefits and billing considerations are there with the Tricare products


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