compare the nearest civilization and ancient of egypt 600 words

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I wrote this but I won’t you to correct it for me:

The Near east is regarded as the source of civilizations For he arose

upon three great civilizations. These civilization are (between Anatolia and.

Mesopotamia present day Turkey and Iraq writing has been invented They

also had a lot of artistic Legacies in every civilization In Anatolia was of the

artistic heritage of which city planning houses were connected to each other by the

roofs. Also the Statues Anatolian Goddess giving birth of Seated goddess. The ancient

Iranian civilization was also famous for it pottery and exquisite style of

painting and designs Like vase. There are drawing of creatures Shapes and

lines. In Mesopotamia they fund same ancient temples and monuments that

conical and made of clay. They had some artworks and vases of high quality. The Vase divided into 3 parts. The first part Forkings the second part workers.

the figures in this vase have their legs and feet in profile, their middles are

minimal turned and the eyes are frontal. The third part show animals. The first

part is the biggest and the second is smaller and the last is the smallest Also found in Iraq the ziggurat these are temples built on mountains. These architecture from were sacred spaces between people and their gods.

Ancient egypt is located in northeast Africa

around the

Nile river. The location of Egypt has geographical features. The Nile river has maintained the fertility of land. Egyptian history is divided into (old,middle,new) kingdoms. for the old egyptian history is was not the finish of life but rather the change somewhere else. there were three models of great pyramids of king. the pyramid of Khufu

(the largest) the pyramid of his son Khafra and the

pyramid of Khafra’s son Menkaurs. the pyramids also have the sphinx to protect the pyramids. the the head of pharaoh is dressed in traditional costume and does not have any expectations of his face and body as a lion body as a proof of protection and strength. the statues of the pharaohs are huge, statue stands , the left leg extending forward, the hand held in the cage to maintain strength and stability. as well as the lion’s carved on his throne are the kings guardians and images of regal power.

every civilization has many advantages reflected in art and remains the great effects that are immortalized from every civilization source of art.

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