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Part 1: Pick three paranormal claims you tend to believe in.

Part 2: Then pick three paranormal claims you do not believe in.

Part 3: Then ask a friend, relative, classmate, or roommate three paranormal claims they believe in (first define what a “paranormal claim is” perhaps showing them this syllabus or Chapter 2 in your text.

For each of the nine paranormal claims you have collected:

  1. Explain how it is paranormal, how it precisely fits your textbook definition. If it is not quite paranormal, explain why. (Remember, a weird claim may be strange, silly, or stupid . . . yet not paranormal!)
  2. Explain which of 8 types of paranormal claims in the Paranormal Spectrum it illustrates.

(200 word minimum for main posting. Respond to and comment on at least two other postings)

  • Carlos Draper
  • Ali Brown

Paranormal Spectrum

Top of Form

Part 1.

1. Ghosts, Afterlife entities (HIGHER LEVEL PARANORMAL CLAIMS) I have always believed in ghosts and the reincarnated souls seem real to me.

2. Spirits, Intelligent forces/entities (HIGHER LEVEL PARANORMAL CLAIMS). I have been to places where it gives me the chills and, usually I can sense evil or good spirits somewhere near.

3. Karma, Intelligent forces/entities (HIGHER LEVEL PARANORMAL CLAIMS). My mom always told me that if you do bad things, it will catch up with you. She was right!

Part 2.

1. Palmistry is a paranormal pattern (LOWER LEVEL PARANORMAL CLAIM). I never believed someone can know my history by looking at the palm of my hand.

2. Fortune telling is a paranormal power (LOWER LEVEL PARANORMAL CLAIM). Reading messages from cards never impressed me, especially when a fortune teller go it wrong one time.

3. Moon Madness Borderline/gratuitous paranormal claim (LOWER LEVEL PARANORMAL CLAIM). I believe that there is a moon, but I don’t believe we landed on it.

Part 3.

1. Fate, Intelligent forces/entities (HIGHER LEVEL PARANORMAL CLAIMS). My friend believes in the goodness of people and she definitely believes that fate or guidance exists.

2. Flying saucers, Supernatural entities (HIGHER LEVEL PARANORMAL CLAIMS). She believes that the world is too big for us not to have strangers among us, including their vehicles.

3. Comic book Superhuman, Intelligent forces/entities (HIGHER LEVEL PARANORMAL CLAIMS). Also, she believes that there are too many people in the world that possess equal powers.

Paranormal spectrum

Top of Form

Part 1: Paranormal claims that I tend to believe in: yoga, moon madness, and spirits.

The paranormal claims that I tend to believe in rank from “I know it’s not real but is oddly coincidental” to “firmly believe in”. The PARANORMAL SPECTRUM helped me put into words the ‘realm of paranormal’ these beliefs I have lie. On the more BORDERLINE/GRATUITOUS PARANORMAL CLAIMS I mentioned that I believe in moon madness. This is more of an on-going joke in my work place. I work as a server and the waitstaff collectively agrees that on full moons there is just something ‘off’ about the people that we wait on. It’s like there is some weird vibe in the air that no one can explain. People are just extremely ‘extra’. The moon madness has been so hyped up in our work place that we are unconsciously finding people who fit our moon madness theory to discuss with one another. This isn’t paranormal as much as it is silly, but we all buy into it Another BORDERLINE/GRATUITOUS PARANORMAL CLAIMS that I have is yoga. Where I find yoga does have extreme health benefits, the paranormal aspect of it I don’t particularly buy into— such as meditation. This is most likely because I can’t get myself to relax for an extended period of time, but regardless I have never experienced a paranormal side of yoga— for me it’s just a way to keep fit. These are both LOWER LEVEL PARANORMAL CLAIMS, specifically BORDERLINE/GRATUITOUS PARANORMAL CLAIMS— this means that they concern mysteries that need not violate the world of physics; nonetheless, true paranormal explanations are often entertained. One higher-level paranormal claim that I do believe in is spirits. This is INTELLIGENT ENTITIES— I don’t know exactly what I believe in, but I do believe there has to be something that exists beyond the material world. Some sort of energy or power outside of our natural world I think does exists. These INTELLIGENT FORCES push towards higher levels of consciousness.

Part 2: Paranormal claims that I do not believe in: magic charms, fortune telling, vampires.

I don’t buy into any SIMPLE SUPERSITIONS— these are every day events that are supported by coincidence, folklore, similarities, and contagion. Magic charms of any kind are a perceived luck. Another paranormal claim that I do not believe in is vampires— I suppose this goes for all comic book superhumans. These INTELLIGENT FORCES/ENTITIES are more for entertainment and storytelling in my eyes; though the text makes a solid argument that these entities may simply just not exists in our observable universe. I do think there is a possibility of other dimensions and universes out there— I’m open minded to it. One last paranormal claim I do not believe in is fortune telling. I’d have to buy into that some individuals are ‘gifted’ but I think it is more of a heightened sense to observe gestures, facial expressions, behaviors, language, etc. having PARANORMAL POWERS and being able to read thoughts violates physics and the matter of these powers only working in restricted circumstances leads me to not believe in it.

Part 3: Paranormal claims that a friend believes in: traditional acupuncture, yoga and meditation, tea leaves and different herbal remedies

When talking with my friend, she mentioned acupuncture, yoga and meditation, and tea leaves implying they all kind of fell into the same category of natural healing methods. It was interesting to back and forth and see how these all tie together in a non-paranormal sense in that they are relaxing for the body and mind; but looking into the paranormal side of them they all serve a different purpose and can’t be explained by different laws of physics, science, mysteries, etc.

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