In the United States, drug distribution has been in operation ever since 1989. People are declared a felon and a criminal just by minor drug offenses. A person could be sent to jail in some states for simple possession of marijuana. Even for the minor drug offenses like keeping marijuana for your own use can end up in jail time and a hefty fine. For example, in the state of Pennsylvania, the law states that a person who is found keeping marijuana just enough for personal use and it is his first offense still faces 30 days in prison and $500 in fine (Desert Hope, 2020). Such extreme jail time can often lead to the destruction of the person’s entire life and being labeled as a criminal offender in the eyes of laws. This offense will prevent him from obtaining better employment and moving forward with his life.

There has been a lot of statistical analysis and research that shows that sending people to jail for minor drug offenses does more harm than good. It has been concluded that most of the time, people who are arrested for minor drug offenses are found to have more mental illness than they have criminal tendencies. A person who has a mental illness can be a victim of drug abuse. Such a person needs help and guidance to fight his addiction to drugs (Moore, 2011). He does not need jail time. Be incarcerated will only increase his negative drug tendencies and will not help in improving his mental health.

The best solution to this criminal drug offenses would be to send such offenders to a rehabilitation center rather than imposing judgement upon them. Experts say that after spending Forty days in a rehabilitation center can tell whether the person is equipped with doing criminal offenses furthermore in the future or not. There is a very high chance that people who are arrested for a minor drug case as their first offense is more likely to be suffering from mental illness rather than to turn out a criminal.

Christianity teaches human beings to be kind and just with each other (O’Hanlon, 2008). Sending people to jail because of minor offenses is a tragedy before the eyes of Christianity. Many Christians worry about the welfare of the prisoners in jail. They believe that they are not getting proper care in jail. Christians believe in forgiveness rather than punishment. Christians also believe in helping addicts rather than to punish them in a way that will just increase their addiction.



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