Create a 3 pages page paper that discusses application exercise 3(a-3) due 7.21.13.

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Create a 3 pages page paper that discusses application exercise 3(a-3) due 7.21.13. Application Exercise 3 (A-3) of the Survey The of the survey organised by Ford Motor Company in order to understand the effectiveness of the training program was “training evaluation survey”. Assurances of Anonymity and Confidentiality Anonymity and confidentiality are vital constituents for any type of questionnaire survey. Besides, since the survey deals with the employees within the organisation, it is the responsibility of human resource manager to ensure that the respondents are not detrimentally impacted because of their participation in the questionnaire survey. Due to this reason, an information sheet has been provided to the respondents which depicts that their answers regarding the training program will be kept confidential. Any kind of information that can reveal the identity of respondents has not been taken. The information sheet also provided the method of offering feedback to the questionnaire. Apart from this, a consent form has been provided to the respondents depicting that the respondents completely understand what they are being requested to do and that they are well versed in the consequence of the questionnaire survey (Polonsky & Waller, 2010). Description of the Survey Types of Items The survey comprises both closed ended and open-ended questions. The closed-ended questions are recorded based on likert rating scale. There are about six closed-ended questions in the survey. The closed-ended questions are designed in order to acquire numeric information regarding the effectiveness of the training program. Every answer will provide a value so that statistical understanding can be judged. On the other hand, open-ended questions are used in order to acquire descriptive information about the training effectiveness. There are certain factors which cannot be illuminated in numeric terms, due to this reason. open ended questions have been used in the questionnaire to understand the individual opinions of employees of Ford Motor Company about the training program. Open-ended questions help to provide qualitative information such as approaches, outlooks and understanding of the employees regarding training. As a consequence, the questionnaire survey would help Ford Motor Company to understand the true feeling of the employees on training program. Measurement of Variable Two level of measurement has been used in order to evaluate the variables. The first level of measurement is at nominal level. It is the most basic degree of measurement. In the questionnaire survey, the first and the second questions have been measured through nominal level. In nominal measurement, every observation in one category is similar to certain property and varies from the other category. Thus, in this measurement, one cannot conclude that one category is better than the other (Michael, n.d.). The second level of measurement is ordinal level. In this level, questions are classified into categories such as excellent to poor and strongly agree to strongly disagree. These categories are comprehensive and equally exclusive (Michael, n.d.). In order to represent the shortest item of the questionnaire, about four words have been used. The longest item of the questionnaire represents about 78 words. The total number of items in the questionnaire was about twenty-two, comprising both closed ended and open-ended questions. Considering the size of the questionnaire, it would probably take fifteen to thirty minutes in order to complete the survey. Statistical Analysis Utilised There are several statistical methods that are most likely to be utilised in order to analyse the numerical data. The first statistical analysis entails the measures of central tendency. Measures of central tendency define how data are amalgamated together around a central point. Three key measures that are most probably used in order to analyse the numeric data are mean, median and mode (Psychology Press Ltd, 2004). The other vital statistical analysis that is most likely to be utilised in the survey is measures of dispersion. Three measures of dispersion would probably be utilised in order to analyse the numeric information namely range, variation and standard deviation. These analytical techniques would indicate whether the scores are similar to each other or have no relation with each other (Psychology Press Ltd, 2004). Apart from these two statistical methods, data presentation is also likely to be utilised in the survey analysis. The response of questionnaire survey can be represented through graphs and charts, in order to make easier for the company to understand the effectiveness of training program. For evaluating the descriptive information, qualitative analysis method would probably be used (Psychology Press Ltd, 2004). In order to evaluate the responses, more than one analysis would be required. For instance, the survey analysis would be most effective and would provide more accurate knowledge if the results are described in percentages through various graphs, frequencies through statistical analysis and qualitative method (Psychology Press Ltd, 2004). References Michael, R. S. (n.d.). Measurement. Retrieved from Polonsky, M. J., & Waller, D. S. (2010). Designing and managing a research project: a business student’s guide. United States: SAGE. Psychology Press Ltd. (2004). Research methods: data analysis. Retrieved from Appendix Training Evaluation Survey Please answer the following questions based on your understanding: 1. Please specify your job position 2. How long have you been working with the organisation? Less than 1 year 1-3 years 3-5 years More than 5 years 3. Please rate your understanding regarding the items listed below: Items Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree The training has fulfilled my expectations I am completely capable of utilising the knowledge learned through the training program in my work The training objectives are properly recognised and followed The training components were appropriately prepared The training components were useful The quality of guidance was effective I learned a lot of aspects from the training There was satisfactory amount of time provided to learn from the training 4. Please rate your understanding regarding the trainer: Items Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree Trainer has detailed grip on the subject The trainer was knowledgeable The trainer was highly prepared 5. Please rate the following aspect of the training process: Items Excellent Good Fair Poor Scheduling and timing Selection of facility Ways of direction Stimulator aspects of training 6. Overall how will you rate the training program? Excellent Good Fair Poor 7. What was your most preferred experience of the training program? 8. What was your least preferred experience of the training program? 9. What aspects of the training can be improved? 10. Any other remarks about the training program.

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